2020 Developing Career Adaptability for Global Competitiveness

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Gonzales Hazel Bantolino  Ricinschi Dan 
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Course description and aims

In this course, doctoral students are introduced to the typical and exceptional challenges arising in a workplace out of their comfort zone and students are consequently trained to cope with these challenges. Several in-class activities will urge students to demonstrate and enhance their adaptive skills. These activities are expected to foster new strategies and ideas that will help prepare students in facing the global environment.
Lectures on global competitiveness will further expose students to the increasing workplace diversity and the inevitability of the heightening international competition. The course aims to help students determine possible career paths, explore and enhance professional skills, and develop adaptive skills in a challenging professional world. To help attain these goals, doctoral students will undergo some career assessment tests/exercises through a workshop/in-class activity that simulates the actual work scenario.

Student learning outcomes

At the end of this course, doctoral students are expected to:
1. understand the importance of adaptability in career development;
2. develop work attitude in respective career paths and broaden work perspective; and
3. be ready for the possible career-related challenges in the future.


adaptability; career management; skill development; personal assessment; global environment

Competencies that will be developed

Specialist skills Intercultural skills Communication skills Critical thinking skills Practical and/or problem-solving skills

Class flow

Classes will be given for 8 weeks, either in Ookayama or Suzukakedai campus, the number of students for this class and 「Master's Developing Career Adaptability for Global Competitiveness」are added and they are a maximum of 30 students. The course will cover preparations for an actual workplace scenario. As the course progresses, there will be some in-class activities or exercises exemplifying actual situations in a working environment that will help evaluate students' skills and foster these skills for a number of career opportunities in the future. A final report will be required for the completion of the course and the topic will depend on students' capabilities demonstrated during the lectures.

Course schedule/Required learning

  Course schedule Required learning
Class 1 October 6 (Tuesday), 14: 20-16: 00, Zoom Course Introduction; Discussion of Current State (Career and Global Trend) Understand basic concepts and terminologies, know present career consideration and discuss current trends in the professional environment related to respective fields of study
Class 2 October 13 (Tuesday), 14: 20-16: 00, Zoom Setting and Planning Career Paths, Future Job Opportunities (Foreseen Tasks and Expectations) Explore possible career paths and set career goals, discuss related tasks to chosen career, know possible jobs that match current field of expertise
Class 3 October 20 (Tuesday), 14: 20-16: 00, Zoom Class Presentation: Oral report on the global trends in science and technology as related to future job opportunities Be aware of the current global trends in science and technology as well as be familiar with the actual job opportunities in the professional world that can match one’s interests and background
Class 4 October 27 (Tuesday), 14: 20-16: 00, Zoom Four Dimensions of Career Adaptability (Concern, Control, Curiosity and Confidence) Understand and measure one's level of adaptability in several aspects by answering some questions that define strengths and weaknesses
Class 5 November 10 (Tuesday), 14: 20-16: 00, Zoom Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes for Effective Career Management; Developing Professional Skills (Writing, Presentation, Networking, Interpersonal, Creativity and Decision Making Skills) Identify current skills/abilities (intrapersonal and interpersonal), learn how to develop other skills for broader opportunities in the future, discuss specific skills required for a specific career to pursue
Class 6 November 17 (Tuesday), 14: 20-16: 00, Zoom Coping With Challenges/Circumstances (School-to-Work Transition, Career-Related Circumstances, Seeking High Quality Employment), Situtational Exercise (Survey Workshop) Know the common challenges that arise in the professional environment (before, during and after deciding what career to pursue) and how to overcome them, learn coping strategies in actual situation through some exercises
Class 7 November 24 (Tuesday), 14: 20-16: 00, Zoom Development of Innovative Capabilities for Global Exposure Learn how to use the up-to-date knowledge in technology, apply experiences from challenging tasks, welcome opportunities for interactions with people



Reference books, course materials, etc.

Suggested Books:
1) Developing Cultural Adaptability: How to Work Across Differences (by Jennifer J. Deal and Don W. Prince)
2) Quick Skills: Managing Change (by Career Solutions Training Group)
3) Self-Assessment and Career Development (3rd ed.) (by John P. Kotter, Victor A. Faux and James G. Clawson)

Assessment criteria and methods

Attendance and Classroom Conduct (25%); Recitation/Classroom Participation (20%); In-Class Exercises and Homework Assignments (30%); Final Report (25%)

Related courses

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Prerequisites (i.e., required knowledge, skills, courses, etc.)


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gonzales.h.aa[at]m.titech.ac.jp ; dan.r.aa[at]m.titech.ac.jp

Office hours

Weekdays 9:00 - 17:00 (Consultation hours are by appointment and may be outside of the office hours.)

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