2018 Pre ALP Practice B

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Academic unit or major
Career development courses
Oda Shunri  Ricinschi Dan  Gonzales Hazel Bantolino  Koizumi Amane  Fujii Kenji  Uyematsu Tomohiko  Hatori Yoshinori 
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Intensive (すずかけ台, (未定), SuzukakedaiCampus, (To be announced))  
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Course description and aims

As preliminary training courses to students who are considering go to the doctoral study in the future, they will learn research methodology for front‒line researchers, budget acquisition work, paper writing method for transmitting the results to society, preparation of grant application, research ethics. The master student who mainly considers presenting research activity at some international conference and application to DC1 becomes able to put on a necessary literacy beforehand by this lecture attendance.
This lecture is a modified subject of the former "MLP training" (LAC.M431), and it is impossible to take duplicate courses of old subjects.
This lecture is a modified subject of the former "MLP training" (LAC.M431), and it is impossible to take duplicate courses of old subjects

Student learning outcomes

To acquire a paper writing capability for transmitting academic achievements to society. In addition, to acquire literacy in research project planning and management in order to deepen a new academic field, as well as to the budget acquisition.


Researchers attainments, Budget acquisition of works, English paper writing method, Application preparation method, Research ethics

Competencies that will be developed

Specialist skills Intercultural skills Communication skills Critical thinking skills Practical and/or problem-solving skills

Class flow

Intensive lecture for all 4 days.
There are cases where the number of people is restricted together with ALP training. At that time, faculty members will make selections taking account of the students' specialty. People who are out of town should take another quarter.
 Lectures will be held twice during the same semester. Note) In other words, 1 to 6 lectures in 1Q and 1 to 6 lectures in 2Q are the same contents, so if you participate in a lecture of one of the conveniences or submit exercises, you will meet the course requirements.
Therefore, after the end of each semester, the results are evaluated taking into consideration the corresponding 2Q activities.

Course schedule/Required learning

  Course schedule Required learning
Class 1 13:20-,Fri., June 15 at Suzukake-dai J234 ・Structured research methodology, budget acquisition  [Japanese offered]:(Oda Shunri) ・English paper writing literacy, Simulated paper writing exercises,Technical Writing [English offered]:( YOSHINORI HATORI,RICINSCHI DAN,GONZALES HAZEL BANTO) ・Learn the ethos of scientists. ・English thesis writing literacy
Class 2 13:20-,Fri., July 6 at Suzukake-dai J234 ・Peer‒reviewed paper exercises [English offered]:( YOSHINORI HATORI,RICINSCHI DAN,GONZALES HAZEL BANTO) ・Grant application literacy、 [Japanese offered]:(Prof.Koizumi,Prof.Fujii) ・Literacy for papers peer review.1st exercise submission. ・Learn how to write the application form.
Class 3 13:20-,Fri., August 3 at Suzukake-dai J234 ・Grant application review exercises [Japanese offered]: (Prof.Koizumi,Prof.Fujii) ・Research Ethics [Japanese offered]:( UYEMATSU TOMOHIKO) ・Corrections and examination experience of the application form.2nd exercise submission. ・Ethics of scientists.



Reference books, course materials, etc.


Assessment criteria and methods

Activities in class (75%) and Exercise problem submission (25%).

Related courses

  • other career courses

Prerequisites (i.e., required knowledge, skills, courses, etc.)

This lecture is a modified subject of the former "MLP training" (LAC.M431), and it is impossible to take duplicate courses of old subjects.


Following URL check http://www.iidp.titech.ac.jp/alp‒plp/2016/000491.html

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