2019 TOEFL Seminar (Reading and Writing) 2 3

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Harada Daisuke 
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Course description and aims

This course is designed to develop English skills for the Reading and Writing sections of the TOEFL test through TOEFL-type exercises in reading and writing and reviewing of them.

This course aims to help students improve their TOEFL score and develop their English skills to study at universities in English speaking countries.

Student learning outcomes

In this course students will
・understand what TOEFL tests are like, especially in Reading and Writing sections, and how to answer the questions in each section of the test.
・develop academic skills in English and apply those skills to general situation.


TOEFL, reading and writing skills of English, Studying abroad 

Competencies that will be developed

Intercultural skills Communication skills Specialist skills Critical thinking skills Practical and/or problem-solving skills
- - -

Class flow

By using exercise questions for the TOEFL iBT, students will be aware of important features of English uses in academic environments, and also build up foundations for understanding the intentions of writers/speakers and responding to them. Exercises in listening and speaking are regarded as ones in reading and writing. A vocabulary book is used to widen both the active and passive vocabulary of each student.

Course schedule/Required learning

  Course schedule Required learning
Class 1 Unit 8 Speaking (Independent Task-Question 2) / Writing (Integrated Task) Textbook, pp. 39-41 Basic Verbs 1-100, Words for Majors 1-4
Class 2 Unit 9 Listening (Conversation) / Reading Textbook, pp. 42-49 Basic Verbs 101-200, Words for majors 5-8
Class 3 Unit 10 Speaking (Integrated Task-Question 4 R-L-S) / Writing Independent Task Textbook, pp. 50-53 Basic Adjectives and adverbs 1-75, Words for majors 9-12
Class 4 Unit 11 Integrated Task-Question 5 L-S / Reading Textbook, pp. 54-59 Basic Adjectives and adverbs 76-150, Words for majors 13-16
Class 5 Unit 12 Listening (Conversation) / Writing (Integrated Task) Unit 13 Speaking (Integrated Task-Question 3 R-L-S) / Reading Textbook, pp. 60-70 Basic Nouns 1-75, Words for majors 17-20
Class 6 Unit 14 Listening (Lecture) / Writing (Independent Task) Textbook, pp. 71-75 Basic Nouns 76-150, Words for majors 21-24
Class 7 Unit 15 Speaking (Integrated Task-Question 6 L-S) / Writing (Integrated Task) Textbook, pp. 76-77
Class 8 Review and Final exam Overall exercise: reading, writing, and integrated task


Lucas, Kawabata, and Suzuki, Integrated Skills for the TOEFL iBT (Shohakusha, 2017).
Tsumatori, Stafford, Matsui, and Mizumoto, Vocabulary Speed Master for the TOEFL Test, (J Research Press, 2006)

Reference books, course materials, etc.

To be announced in class

Assessment criteria and methods

Activities in class: 20%
Homework assignments: 30%
Final exam: 50%

Related courses

  • LAE.E155 : TOEFL Seminar (Reading and Writing) 1

Prerequisites (i.e., required knowledge, skills, courses, etc.)



It is recommended that students take this course in sequence with TOEFL Seminar (Reading and Writing) 1.
Attendance at the first class is compulsory for students planning to take this course.

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