2016 Seminar on Transdisciplinary Studies(Science and Technology in History)5

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Humanities and social science courses
Kaji Masanori 
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Course description and aims

Students, who are interested in the history of science, will set their own theme on it, read related literature and write a short essay on the theme. Students will obtain basic skills for further study on the history of science.

Student learning outcomes

By the end of this course, students will
1) be able to read related literature on the history of science correctly.
2) be able to set an appropriate theme for a short paper on the history of science.
3) be able to write a short paper on the theme.


history of science, historical materials, theme setting, an essay writing

Competencies that will be developed

Intercultural skills Communication skills Specialist skills Critical thinking skills Practical and/or problem-solving skills
- -

Class flow

To be decided with students in each quarter.

Course schedule/Required learning

  Course schedule Required learning
Class 1 reading and discussion, presentation reading and understanding materials on history of science


decide each quarter with participants

Reference books, course materials, etc.

None required

Assessment criteria and methods

participation 30%, presentation 20%, a short paper 50%

Related courses

  • LAH.T102 : History of Science A
  • LAH.T202 : History of Science B
  • LAH.T302 : History of Science C
  • LAH.T103 : History of Technology A
  • LAH.T203 : History of Technology B
  • LAH.T303 : History of Technology C
  • LAH.T204 : Special Lecture: History of Universities
  • LAH.T254 : Seminar on Transdisciplinary Studies(Science and Technology in History)1

Prerequisites (i.e., required knowledge, skills, courses, etc.)

Students must have successfully completed some courses on history of science or some courses of Seminar on Transdisciplinary Studies(Science and Technology in History).

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Office hours

Contact by e-mail in advance to schedule an appointment

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