2022 Advanced Course in Crystal Structure Science

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Academic unit or major
Graduate major in Chemistry
Uekusa Hidehiro 
Class Format
Lecture    (Face-to-face)
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Mon3-4(H112)  Thr3-4(H112)  
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Course description and aims

Research studies by using organic crystal structures are emphasized. Outline of crystal structure analysis, inter-molecular interactions, propitiates and reaction of molecular crystals are explained. There are many kinds of organic crystal around us. Pick-up the concept how to analysis and understand the properties and structure of organic crystals. Other important concept of special properties of organic crystal is also explained. Actual examples of organic crystal are introduced to understand the concepts. Especially, crystalline state reaction which is a dynamic phenomena in crystal is picked-up.

Student learning outcomes

Students will be able to understand intermolecular interactions and crystalline-state reaction from theory to actual examples.


Crystal structure, molecular structure, X-ray, Structure Analysis, X-ray diffraction, neutron diffraction.

Competencies that will be developed

Specialist skills Intercultural skills Communication skills Critical thinking skills Practical and/or problem-solving skills

Class flow

quiz at the end of lecture.

Course schedule/Required learning

  Course schedule Required learning
Class 1 Introduction of crystal chemistry Understanding the outline of crystal chemistry
Class 2 Basic of crystallography Understanding of basic of crystallography. Crystallography seen in a journal article.
Class 3 Symmetry in crystal Understanding of symmetry in crystal
Class 4 Crystal structure analysis Understanding the outline of crystal structure analysis
Class 5 van der Waals interaction Understanding the binding energy in van der Waals crystal
Class 6 Crystal engineering / polymorphism Understanding the concept of crystal engineering. Polymorphism and Isomorphism.
Class 7 Multi-component crystal Understanding of various multi-componet crystal form (solid-solution, inclusion crystal, salt, charge-transfer complex)
Class 8 Chiral crystals Understanding chiral and racemic crystals in structure and properties aspects.
Class 9 Reaction by mixing organic crystals Understanding of reaction by mixing organic crystals
Class 10 Crystalline-state reaction of Cobaloxime complex Understanding of crystalline-state photo-reaction of Cobaloxime complex
Class 11 Neutron diffraction study of Crystalline-state reaction of Cobaloxime complex Understanding of neutron diffraction study of Crystalline-state reaction of Cobaloxime complex
Class 12 Crystal structure analysis of reaction intermnediates Understanding of crystal structure analysis of reaction intermnediates
Class 13 crystal structure analysis of photochromic crystal Understanding of crystal structure analysis of photochromic crystal
Class 14 Total discussion Total discussion of the lecture series

Out-of-Class Study Time (Preparation and Review)

To enhance effective learning, students are encouraged to spend approximately 100 minutes preparing for class and another 100 minutes reviewing class content afterwards (including assignments) for each class.
They should do so by referring to textbooks and other course material.


Y. Ohasi "Crystal chemistry - basic to latest example -" (Shokabo)
K. Kobayashi "Solid-state Organic chemistry" (Kagakudojin)

Reference books, course materials, etc.

Supplemental material may be distributed in the lecture

Assessment criteria and methods

Term end exam and interterm exam.

Related courses

  • CHM.B333 : Crystal Chemistry

Prerequisites (i.e., required knowledge, skills, courses, etc.)

None. Some knowledge regarding X-ray diffraction method and crystal structure analysis would be a help.

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