2019 International Practice in Science

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School of Science
Ueno Yuichiro  Nakamoto Taishi 
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Course description and aims

To train global-minded talent in response to globalization, the School of Science provides the students with the international exchange program to interact with foreign students and researchers. In 2019, the international winter school will be held in collaboration with ELSI and Dept. EPS that deals with the frontier of the Evolution of Earth and Life (https://2019eel.wordpress.com)

Student learning outcomes

The aim of this course is to understand the frontier of sciences through the interaction with top-flight international students and researchers.


Globalization, International winter school, Science, Evolution of earth and life

Competencies that will be developed

Specialist skills Intercultural skills Communication skills Critical thinking skills Practical and/or problem-solving skills

Class flow

The participating students will take part in the winter school and attend lectures and field excursion. They will also take part in experiments, which will be performed in each research group. The students discuss topics related to the experiments with international students and make a presentation at the end.

Course schedule/Required learning

  Course schedule Required learning
Class 1 The students will attend lectures held during the school. They will also take part in experiments, which will be performed in each research groups. The students discuss topics related to the lectures and experiments. They will finally make a presentation on the experiments in the end of the program. The students will be able to attend lectures and experiments held in English and discuss the topics with international students as well as presenting the conclusion in English.



Reference books, course materials, etc.


Assessment criteria and methods

Evaluation will be based on attendance to the class as well as contribution to the discussion.

Related courses

  • XIP.A.401 : Special International Practice in Science
  • XIP.A.601 : Advanced International Practice in Science

Prerequisites (i.e., required knowledge, skills, courses, etc.)

Because of our limited capacity, the students should get in touch with Prof. Ueno before registration.

Contact information (e-mail and phone)    Notice : Please replace from "[at]" to "@"(half-width character).

ryudou.jim[at]jim.titech.ac.jp, ueno.y.ac[at]m.titech.ac.jp

Office hours

To be announced


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