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Advanced Separation Operations
( Ito Akira  )

Mon 3-4Session S637

Credits  Lecture:2  Exercise:0  Experiment:0 / code:35005
Update syllabus:2012/10/2
Update lecture notes : 2012/11/26
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Fall Semester

Outline of lecture
The separation operations are the unit operetions using mass transport phenomena. Those include the typical unit operations, distillation, absorption, extraction, and the special and new separation processes, membrane separation and adsorption. The lectures will show the basic models and related equilibrium relations on over 13 unit operations. Each lectute forcuses the basic idea of models and the solution methods of the model equations.
Purpose of lecture
The lectures will show the basic models and related equilibrium relations on over 13 unit mass transfer operations.One lecture will forcuse one unit operation. The phase equilibrium used in the process and mathematical models of the process are presented.
Plan of lecture
Monday 10:45-12:15 Class room 講義室:S6-S637 or S4-3F D computer room
Lecturer: Prof. ITO Akira S1 421 Ext. 2151 担当: 伊東 章 (化学工学専攻)
10/9(Tue) 1. Introduction, Distillation(1), Vapor-liquid equilibrium 蒸留(1) 気液平衡,単蒸留
10/15 2. Distillation(2), Binary distillation tower 蒸留(2) 2成分系蒸留塔
10/22 3. Absorption(1) 吸収
10/29 4. Absorption(2) 吸収
11/5 5. Extraction 抽出
11/12 6. Adsorption 吸着
11/19 7. Chromatography クロマト
11/26 8. Crystallization&Evaporaiton 晶析・蒸発
12/3 9. Humidity conditioning 調湿
12/10 10. Drying 乾燥
12/17 11. Membrane separation (1) 膜分離(1)
1/7 12. Membrane separation (2) 膜分離(2)
1/17(Thu) 13. Membrane separation (3) 膜分離(3)
1/21 14. Heat transfer伝熱
1/28 15. Process control 非定常プロセスと制御
Textbook and reference
Text: Materials distributed on the lecture 教科書:随時配布資料による
Related and/or prerequisite courses
Reference: Henry, Seader, Roper: Separation Process Principles, 3rd Ed., Wiley (2011)
Evaluation: Reports at each lecture only 成績評価:毎回の演習レポートによる 最終試験はありません

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