2019 Strategic Debating Skills

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Graduate major in Technology and Innovation Management
Miyazaki Kumiko 
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Course description and aims

Based on a formal, well structured process, this 8 week course aims to learn strategic debating skills.
In every class, an Oxford Debating Society style debate will take place between 2 teams, the 'for' team and the 'against' team. Those who are observers are asked to make comments on the debate afterwards. A debate requires a combination of skills, such as logical reasoning, listening, verbal and non verbal communications and being able to think and analyze the situation quickly.

Student learning outcomes

Students will acquire the knowledge and skills to conduct a British style debate. The students will acquire skills such as making a logically, well planned argument, effective presentation and communications skills, voice training and negotiation skills.


Strategic debate, British style, Formalized procedure

Competencies that will be developed

Specialist skills Intercultural skills Communication skills Critical thinking skills Practical and/or problem-solving skills

Class flow

The course will be conducted in one quarter. In the beginning of each class, half an hour will be spent to train the students with a particular skill. The students will spend the remaining hour to carry out a debate.

Course schedule/Required learning

  Course schedule Required learning
Class 1 Orientation Introduction to the course. Watching a live Oxford University' debate. A trial debate
Class 2 Listening Skills Debate 1 will be carried out. eg. Education is the source of one's success
Class 3 Excercise to make counter arguments. Debate 2 will be carried out
Class 4 Forming the main points of one's argument Debate 3 will be carried out
Class 5 Negotiation Skills Debate 4 will be carried out
Class 6 Voice training Debate 5 will be carried out
Class 7 Improving one's style of debate Debate 6 will be carried out
Class 8 Combining the skills acquired Debate 7 will be carried out


No text book

Reference books, course materials, etc.

Reading material will be provided

Assessment criteria and methods

Will be evaluated through the debates carried out. Gradually the topic of the debate will be more challenging.

Related courses

  • TIM.C412 : Innovation System I
  • TIM.C413 : Innovation System II

Prerequisites (i.e., required knowledge, skills, courses, etc.)

Prior knowledge of economics or management is not required. The maximum class size will be 20.


The course is given in English. Active participation is encouraged

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