2019 Architectural Design and Drawing IV

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Academic unit or major
Undergraduate major in Architecture and Building Engineering
Tsukamoto Yoshiharu  Okuyama Shin-Ichi  Osaragi Toshihiro  Yasuda Koichi  Fujii Haruyuki  Nakai Norihiro  Saito Ushio  Sakano Tatsurou  Oki Takuya  Saio Naoko  Mano Yosuke  Soshiroda Akira  Dohi Masato  Sanada Junko  Katsuki Ayumi  Sasaki Kei  Numata Mamiko  Sugita Sanae  Tsutsumi Takashi  Masuda Shingo  Fujimura Ryuji 
Class Format
Media-enhanced courses
Day/Period(Room No.)
Tue5-7(建築製図室)  Tue5-7(建築製図室, W9-511設計製図室)  Fri5-7(建築製図室, W9-511設計製図室)  Fri5-7(建築製図室)  
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Course description and aims

Following Architectural Design and Drawing III, students will combine art, technical, and other skills required of an architect and train their design expressions through the design of various buildings.
This is the last architectural design course at the undergraduate level, and requires that students independently think and offer proposals regarding not only the building as an individual but regarding its relationship with the urban space or the existence of the architectural space in society. Like Design and Drawing III, architects from both inside and outside Japan playing active roles on the front lines will be invited to speak, realizing discussion and expression of architecture at an exceptionally high level.

Student learning outcomes

By the end of this course, students will have nurtured their skills of "critiquing", "identifying problems", "creating concepts", and "expression" as a result of their thinking independently and offering proposals regarding the existence of the architectural space in the urban space and society.


Architecture, Design, Building, City, Environment, Society

Competencies that will be developed

Specialist skills Intercultural skills Communication skills Critical thinking skills Practical and/or problem-solving skills

Class flow

All 15 weeks of this course will be spent on designing the required learning assignment. Students will participate in class presentations and individual coaching each week, receiving feedback at the middle and the end of the term.

Course schedule/Required learning

  Course schedule Required learning
Class 1 Explanation of the Theme Explanation of the Theme
Class 2 Esquisse 1 Esquisse 1
Class 3 Esquisse 2 Esquisse 2
Class 4 Esquisse 4 Esquisse 4
Class 5 Esquisse 5 Esquisse 5
Class 6 Esquisse 6 Esquisse 6
Class 7 Esquisse 7 Esquisse 7
Class 8 Mid Presentation Mid Presentation
Class 9 Esquisse 8 Esquisse 8
Class 10 Esquisse 9 Esquisse 9
Class 11 Esquisse 10 Esquisse 10
Class 12 Esquisse 11 Esquisse 11
Class 13 Esquisse 12 Esquisse 12
Class 14 Esquisse 14 Esquisse 14
Class 15 Final Presentation Final Presentation



Reference books, course materials, etc.


Assessment criteria and methods

Marking the mid and final presentation of the architectural design from the view point of creativity and the degree of perfection.

Related courses

  • ARC.A201 : Architectural Design and Drawing I
  • ARC.A202 : Architectural Design and Drawing II
  • ARC.A301 : Architectural Design and Drawing III

Prerequisites (i.e., required knowledge, skills, courses, etc.)


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