2022 LST Seminar 2

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Academic unit or major
Undergraduate major in Life Science and Technology
Tsutsumi Hiroshi  Seio Kohji  Mori Toshiaki  Hata Takeshi  Matsuda Tomoko  Ohkubo Akihiro  Okada Satoshi  Miura Yutaka  Fujie Toshinori  Kanamori Takashi  Sato Kohei  Shigeta Masayuki  Shimada Naohiko  Nomoto Takahiro  Masaki Yoshiaki  Miki Takayuki  Morita Taiki 
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Course description and aims

In this lecture, students carry out a review of Organic Chemistry I, II, II and IV in a practice form. Students can learn the basic knowledge and concept of organic chemistry that are necessary for the research using organic compounds.

Student learning outcomes

By the end of this course, students will learn the basic knowledge about organic compounds as follow:
(1) haloalkane
(2) alcohol・carbohydrate
(3) alkene・alkyne
(4) aromatic compounds
(5) aldehyde・ketone
(6) carboxylic acid and its derivatives
(7) amine・amino acid


Organic chemistry, basic, practice

Competencies that will be developed

Specialist skills Intercultural skills Communication skills Critical thinking skills Practical and/or problem-solving skills

Class flow

Lecture is provided on Zoom.
Notified by instructors in advance.

Course schedule/Required learning

  Course schedule Required learning
Class 1 Haloalkane Students will review the basic knowledge about haloalkane.
Class 2 Alcohol・Carbohydrate Students will review the basic knowledge about alcohol and carbohydrate.
Class 3 Alkene・Alkyne Students will review the basic knowledge about alkene and alkyne.
Class 4 Aromatic compounds Students will review the basic knowledge about aromatic compounds.
Class 5 Aldehyde・Ketone Students will review the basic knowledge about aldehyde and ketone.
Class 6 Carboxylic acid and its derivatives Students will review the basic knowledge about carboxylic acid and its derivatives.
Class 7 Amine・Amino acid Students will review the basic knowledge about amine and amino acid.

Out-of-Class Study Time (Preparation and Review)

To enhance effective learning, students are encouraged to spend approximately 100 minutes preparing for class and another 100 minutes reviewing class content afterwards (including assignments) for each class.
They should do so by referring to textbooks and other course material.


Organic Chemistry - Structure and Function, 8th ed., K. P. C. Vollhardt and N, E. Schore, W. H. Freeman and Co., New York, 2011. Study Guide and Solutions - Manual for Organic Chemistry, 8th ed., N, E. Schore, W. H.

Reference books, course materials, etc.

Distributed by instructors as necessary.

Assessment criteria and methods

Notified by instructors in the class.

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Prerequisites (i.e., required knowledge, skills, courses, etc.)


Contact information (e-mail and phone)    Notice : Please replace from "[at]" to "@"(half-width character).

Hiroshi Tsutsumi(htsutsum[at]bio.titech.ac.jp)

Office hours

Please contact by E-mail.



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