2022 Research opportunity in Laboratories (IEE)

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Undergraduate major in Industrial Engineering and Economics
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Course description and aims

Students are assigned to generally two laboratories of Department of industrial engineering and economics and have experience of research projects in order to understand the actual aspects of scientific research in each specialized academic field, which would rise up a wide range of interest in scientific and engineering researches.

In the laboratory, students will learn social and academic significance of the research and basic concepts and specific methodology of each field. The student conducts research on a theme determined through suggestions and discussions with his/her academic supervisor.

The student will learn basic concepts, methodology of analysis, experiments and discussion through the process for solving specific problems in the laboratory. Finally, the student will make a report document and presentation of the findings and
discussions obtained from the research project.

This course situates prior to the research project for Independent research project, which acts important role to associate coursework based on a structured curriculum with specific research activities in laboratories. It is expected that the student will increase knowledge in his/her field and that he/she will acquire comprehensive skills to identify and develop solutions that will solve new and unsolved problems.

Student learning outcomes

By the end of this course, the student will be able to:
1) Understand and explain the purpose, methodology as well as principle and significance of
the research in the specific field.
2) Acquire specific methodology such as experimental and analytical skills related to the research field.
3) Acquire skills of logical thinking, discussion and writing.
4) Make effective presentations of the research.


laboratory, experience, research problem, methodology, logical explanation, presentation, Independent research project

Competencies that will be developed

Specialist skills Intercultural skills Communication skills Critical thinking skills Practical and/or problem-solving skills

Class flow

Conduct laboratory work under the guidance. The course schedule is determined through discussions with your corresponding supervisor.

Course schedule/Required learning

  Course schedule Required learning
Class 1 Introduction Guidance of Research Project
Class 2 Laboratory 1 Guidance. Presentation and discussion
Class 3 Laboratory 1 Presentation and discussion
Class 4 Laboratory 1 Presentation and discussion
Class 5 Laboratory 2 Guidance. Presentation and discussion
Class 6 Laboratory 2 Presentation and discussion
Class 7 Laboratory 2 Presentation and discussion
Class 8 Summary Make reports


Not specified.

Reference books, course materials, etc.

Not specified.

Assessment criteria and methods

Assessment criteria will be notified at the guidance.

Related courses

  • IEE.Z389 : Independent research project(IEE)

Prerequisites (i.e., required knowledge, skills, courses, etc.)

1Q: only for students who will graduate in three years.
3Q: for the other students.
Students should participate in every class.

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