2019 Disciplined Entrepreneurship

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Graduate major in Engineering Sciences and Design
Tou Yuji  Park Jaehyun 
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Course description and aims

“Disciplined Entrepreneurship” course is an intensive, new ventures leadership program to generate next entrepreneurs at Tokyo Institute of Technology.

Being a smart, competent entrepreneur requires a practical and organizational knowledge of business, technology, and design. Therefore, the objectives of this course can be condensed with the following two things. The first is to identify a business-product idea from the multiple and complex social problems. The second is to develop an appropriate and tangible product solution to the society.

During this class, you will take multiple roles among a CEO, a manager, an engineer, or a designer in order to build your business-product effectively and efficiently. In this process, you and your team members may elucidate latent problems on the established digital innovations (e.g. products, systems, and services). Also, you might elicit business-product ideas & opportunities in characterizing a successful business idea for your future career.

Student learning outcomes

From this class, you will learn three important things. First, it will give you a lesson of how you can generate business ideas to be an entrepreneur with a variety of business, design, and technology discussions and exercises with your team members. Second, it will give a monumental lesson that you can understand where your own strengths and weaknesses are. Third, it will suggest positive directions of how you can overcome language barriers and a better attitude for being a future entrepreneur.


Entrepreneurship & Start-up, Digital Innovation, Market Strategy, Creative Leadership, Financial Strucutre

Competencies that will be developed

Intercultural skills Communication skills Specialist skills Critical thinking skills Practical and/or problem-solving skills

Class flow

In order to do this, we will use three major activities in the class: (1) lecture with reading and discussion, (2) in-class exercises and presentation, and (3) team project sessions. The reading and discussion sessions are assigned in order to increase your knowledge about the relevant issues. The in-class exercises and presentation will characterize how you can productively use specific techniques and tools presented this course. During the team project sessions, you will learn tangible techniques directly from the assigned instructors.

Course schedule/Required learning

  Course schedule Required learning
Class 1 Introduction Preparation & Goal Settings • Self introduction & who we are Preparation & Goal Settings • Self introduction & who we are
Class 2 Overview of Disciplined Entrepreneurship • What it is & contents?
Class 3 Team Building & Business Ideation • Team building exercise & business idea generations
Class 4 Team Project Time • Generating multiple project ideas and identifying a business company
Class 5 Short Team Presentation • Company name & first business product idea presentation * Submit a business-product idea generation process and an identified business product with MVPG: M (mission)-V(value)-P(principle)-G(goal) * Prepare 3min “elevator talk “to sell your business-product idea
Class 6 Elevator Talk • Sell your business project idea & feedback
Class 7 Marketing—How we could identify customers and business-product? • Primary market research (PMR), product strategy & features
Class 8 Team Project Time • Identify market, customers, and features of business-product
Class 9 Short Team Presentation • Second business product idea, PMR, Features Submit a presentation file * Prepare a 5 min “Serendipity talk “
Class 10 “Serendipity Talk” • Sell your business product & feedback
Class 11 Financials—How we could make a financial structure • Financial structure
Class 12 Team Project Time • Financial analysis and strategy
Class 13 Short Team Presentation • Financial structure Prepare your business-product pitch
Class 14 Presentation • The audience will decide to invest your company or not & feedback • The audience will decide a winner of this course
Class 15 Special Talk (Invited Real Entrepreneur) Actual examples and their success & failure


Bill Aulet, “Disciplined Entrepreneurship: 24 Steps to a Successful Startup,” Wiley (2013)

Reference books, course materials, etc.

1) None required.
2) Course materials are provided during class.

Assessment criteria and methods

1) Class contribution & report
2) Contribution to the group work and presentation

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Prerequisites (i.e., required knowledge, skills, courses, etc.)

No prerequisites.

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