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Global business strategy and Standardization
( Kodani Takahiko  Furuya Yukitsuna  Watanabe Tomoki  Okumura Jun  Tomioka Hidenori  Shibaike Narito  )

Thr 7-8Session W631G311

Credits  Lecture:2  Exercise:0  Experiment:0 / code:28004
Update syllabus:2012/11/15
Update lecture notes : 2013/1/18
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Fall Semester

Outline of lecture
Activities of research and industry related to environment and energy are required to expand their
targets to global market.
The class gives overview of current status and subjects of global strategy in the field of feature
applications such as communication, railroad, automobile and appliance and financial activity, and
also gives case studies of decision process of international standards which grips key to succeed
embodiment of global business strategy. Students experience roll-playing to lead standardization
in multinational negotiation.
Lecturers are Professors of Tokyo Tech and docents from industry and other who are active in the
field. Language is English.

Purpose of lecture
Cultivation of grounding for researcher and engineer to be able to play leadership
in the international society.

Plan of lecture
Oct 4 Introductory lecture, by Kodani and Furuya
Oct 11 National policy and global strategy in the field of environment and energy, by Okumura
Oct 18 Case study 1: Leaving the Euro, by Okumura
Oct 25 Standardization as a business tool, by Furuya
Nov 1 Case study 2: Mobile communications, by Furuya
Nov 8, 15 Case study 3: Standardization for electric vehicle and their prospect, by Tomioka
Nov 22 Case study 4: Railway, by Watanabe
Nov 29, Dec. 6 Case study 5: Standardization of energy efficient appliances, by Shibaike
Dec 13 Debate in standardization, by Furuya and Kodani
Dec 20 Self-study Making a peport on the case studies
Jan 10, 24 Debate in standardization, by Furuya and Kodani
Jan 31 Wrao-up presentation, by Furuya, Kodani and others

10/4 (オリエンテーション)本講座の狙い・国際戦略と標準化の役割 ;小谷・古谷
10/11 (講義)環境エネルギーの国策と国際戦略 ;奥村
10/18 (講義)事例研究1:ユーロ離脱 ;奥村
10/25 (講義)ビジネスにおける標準化 ;古谷
11/1 (講義)事例研究2:移動通信 ;古谷
11/8, 15 (講義)事例研究3:電気・燃料電池自動車  ;富岡
11/22 (講義)事例研究4:鉄道 ;渡邉
11/29, 12/6 (講義)事例研究5:家電と省エネ基準 ;芝池
12/13 (演習)標準化における交渉実践 ;古谷・小谷
12/20 (課題)事例研究まとめレポート作成
1/10, 24 (演習)標準化における交渉実践  ;古谷・小谷
1/31 (発表)Wrap-upプレゼンテーション ;古谷・小谷・他
Textbook and reference
Necessary documents will be distributed at each meeting.
Related and/or prerequisite courses
Especially none
Based on attendance, presentation and report
Takahiko Kodani, Professor, Academy for Co-creative Education of Environment and Energy Science (ACEEES)
Yukitsuna Furuya, Professor, Department of Electrical and Electronic Engeneering
Tomoki Watanabe, Professor, Department of Electrical and Electronic Engeneering
Jun Okumura, Counselor, Eurasia Group, OB of METI
Hidenori Tomioka, Deputy General Manager of FC-EV Reserch Division, Japan Automobile Research Institute
Narito Shibaike, Senior Strategy Director of Corporate Environment Affairs Division, Panasonic Corporation

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