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Lattice Defects & Mechanical Properties of Materials
( Onaka Susumu  Kato Masaharu  )

Fri 5-6Session J233

Credits  Lecture:2  Exercise:0  Experiment:0 / code:96049
Update syllabus´╝Ü2012/10/2
Update lecture notes : 2012/10/2
Fall Semester

Outline of lecture
Lattice defects and their role on mechanical properties of solid materials are lectured. Topics such as linear elasticity (stress, strain, Hooke's law) and dislocation theory are included.
Purpose of lecture
Concepts of linear elasticity (stress, strain, Hooke's law, etc.) will be introduced first (Prof. Onaka). Then, lattice defects pertinent to understand mechanical properties of materials are discussed with emphasis on the dislocation theory (Prof. Kato).
Plan of lecture
1. Introduction 2. Traction and stress 3. Distortion and strain 4. Hooke's law and elastic strain energy 5. Lattice defects and dislocations 6. Energy and elastic fields of dislocations 7. Dislocations in Crystals 8. Stress-strain curves 9. Strengthening mechanisms
Textbook and reference
Please download files for class days when the files are available. In case when the class progresses rapidly, print and bring the files that are at least one or two weeks ahead of the schedule.
Related and/or prerequisite courses
Students enrolled in International Graduate Programs only.
Based on attendance, homework assignments, exams, etc.

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