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History of Science and Technology and Environmental Problems
( Kaji Masanori  )

Fri 3-4Session W9-407

Credits  Lecture:2  Exercise:0  Experiment:0 / code:67020
Update syllabus:2012/3/26
Update lecture notes : 2012/4/20
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Spring Semester

Outline of lecture
A survey of major environmental issues since the mid-20th century, focusing on the debates surrounding the Minamata disaster, Itai-itai disease, Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring (1962), the topical subject of global warming and nuclear energy problem. The course will be in English.
Purpose of lecture
A survey course of social history of science, especially after the 19th-century with institutionization and professionalization of science.
This course is mainly focused on the major environmental issues since the mid-20th century, focusing on industrial pollution in Japan (especially on the debates surrounding Minamata and itai-itai diseases), Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring (1962), and the topical subjects of global warming and nuclear energy.
Plan of lecture
20 世紀の環境問題と科学・技術の問題を取り上げる。授業ではさまざまな事例を取り上げる。とくに日本の水俣病とアメリカのレイチェル・カーソンの『沈黙の春』および地球
This seminar course intends to offer a survey of major environmental problems in the 20th century, while tracing the growth of environmental awareness and
environmentalism worldwide.
It will highlight the relationship between the environmental degradation and technological and industrial development, and the threat to the environment and
public health by big businesses.
The course will especially focus on two major events: the issues and debates surrounding the Minamata in Japan and Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring (1962) in the
US as well as the problem of global warming.
The course hopes to raise students awareness of growing environmental problems associated with science and technology
Textbook and reference
Necessary materials will be distributed during classes.
Related and/or prerequisite courses
History of Science and Technology, Science and Technology Studies, Philosophy of Science
This course is conducted in a seminar format and in English. Class attendance and
participation in discussions are essential.
Comments from lecturer
Any students, who are willing to discuss and participate in class room work, will be welcomed.

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