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Advanced Operating Systems
( Watanabe Takuo  )

Fri 1-2Session W831

Credits  Lecture:2  Exercise:0  Experiment:0 / code:76010
Update syllabus:2012/11/8
Update lecture notes : 2012/10/11
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Fall Semester

Outline of lecture
The primary objective of this course is to introduce the state of the art in operating systems and related technologies.
Topics are chosen from: Operating Systems for Embedded / Real-time Systems, Distributed OS and Middlewares, Virtual Execution Environment, System-Level Security Mechanisms, System Description Languages, Formal Approaches to System Software, etc.
This year, we focus on the foundations of real-time systems and real-time operating systems.
Purpose of lecture
The goal of this course is to introduce students to the theoretical foundations of real-time systems and technologies in real-time operating systems.
Plan of lecture
1. Specification and Verification of RT Systems
1.1 Basics of RT Systems
1.2 Specifying Real-Time Systems
1.3 Duration Calculus
1.4 Timed Automata
1.5 Verifying RT Systems using UPPAAL
2. Schedulability Analysis and Scheduling Algorithms for RT Systems
3. RT/Embedded Operating Systems
Textbook and reference
E.-R. Olderog and H. Dierks, "Real-Time Systems: Formal Specification and Automatic Verification", Cambridge University Press, 2008.
Related and/or prerequisite courses
Comments from lecturer
分散システムの基礎概念,分散システムのモデル化,分散OS のためのアルゴリズム,

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