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Advanced Signal Processing
( Nishihara Akinori  )

Mon 7-8Session W9-213

Credits  Lecture:2  Exercise:0  Experiment:0 / code:56007
Update syllabus´╝Ü2012/3/26
Update lecture notes : 2012/7/15
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Spring Semester

Outline of lecture
Realization of FIR and IIR systems and parasitic effects, robust digital filters, multirate signal processing(sampling rate alteration), filter banks, wavelets, adaptive filters, digital signal processors, etc.
Purpose of lecture
Several important topics on the design and implementation of signal processing algorithms and their theoretical background will be discussed.
Plan of lecture
01.Overview of Signal Processing
02.Digital Filter Design
03.Finite Wordlength Effects
04.Multirate Systems (Sampling Rate Alteration)
05.Polyphase Representation
06.Filter Banks
07.M-channel Filter Banks
08.Adaptive Filters
09.Gradient Adaptive Algorithm
10.Recursive Adaptive Algorithm
11.DSP Systems
12.Pipeline and Parallel Processing
13.Implementation of DSP Systems
Textbook and reference
Materials will be prepared by the lecturer and can be downloaded.
Related and/or prerequisite courses
Basic signal processing course is prerequisite. Students are supposed to know z-transform, Fourier analysis, sampling theorem, etc.
Marks are based on examination.
Comments from lecturer
Although this course is taught in English, questions in Japanese are welcome.

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