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Electronic Materials D
( Iwamoto Mitsumasa  )

Tue 3-4Session S611

Credits  Lecture:2  Exercise:0  Experiment:0 / code:50116
Update syllabus:2011/3/23
Update lecture notes : 2011/3/23
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Spring Semester

Outline of lecture

1. 磁性材料の基礎物性(磁気モーメント,各種磁性,実用磁気特性)
2. 有機電子材料の基礎物性と電子・光機能(誘電性・導電性,電子機能,光電子機能,光非線形性)

Fundamentals and advanced theories of magnetic properties and dielectric properties for the better understanding of ferro- and ferri- magnetic materials and dielectric and ferroelectric materials. Origins of magnetic moment, its alignment and anisotropy, electronic and optical properties in advanced organic materials.
Purpose of lecture
Fundamental theories of dielectric and magnetic properties are lectured for the better understanding of the materials which are used in the field of electronics and electrical engineering. After studying how the polarization, dielectric properties, and conductivity appear in the materials of organic and inorganic materials, extended theory for the application of the properties to the future electronic devices are lectured.
Plan of lecture
Fundamentals of electronic properties of organic materials
(Dielectric theory, conductivity, electronic functions, photo-electronic properties, non-linear optics, etc.)
Textbook and reference
Mitsumasa Iwamoto: ”Basics of Electronic matters” (in Japanese), Asakura Shoten.
Mitsumasa Iwamoto: ”Elecrical and Electronics Materilas” (in Japanese), Ohmsha.
C.Kittel: ”Introduction to Solid State Physics,” John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
Related and/or prerequisite courses
Knowledge of fundamentals on quantum physics.
Evaluation will be based on the term end examination and the exercises carried out during the classes.
Comments from lecturer
Exercise will be held as the need arises.
【Office hours】
Anytime you can visit our office with permission by e-mail at for Prof. M.Iwamoto.

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