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Factory Study Tour of CDSA No.1
( Hirose Sachio  )


Credits  Lecture:0  Exercise:2  Experiment:0 / code:99657
Update syllabus´╝Ü2009/4/20
Update lecture notes : 2009/3/30
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Spring Semester

Outline of lecture
A typical enterprise in various industrial fields is visited, and a social, economical role of the enterprise is understood from actual factory. A factory study tour (FST) by bus in this semester is carried out in the afternoon of Wednesday once a month.
After the factory study tour (FST), the impression report is submitted and made in English. The course is conducted in English.
Purpose of lecture
Active talent in an international enterprise is promoted in career development program for foreign students from Asia. Therefore, the aim of this subject is to learn how the enterprise has used the advanced technology which is learned on the desk through the FST.
Plan of lecture
FST will be held 4 times in the semester intensively.
April 1(Wed) 9:00 ~ 19:00 Factory Study Tour (1) Fusion Institute
May 13(Wed) 12:30 ~ 18:00 Factory Study Tour (2) New Nippon Steel Co.
June 10(Wed) 12:30 ~ 18:00 Factory Study Tour (3) to be announced
July 8(Wed) 12:30 ~ 18:00 Factory Study Tour (4) Asahi Brewery Co.
Textbook and reference
Related and/or prerequisite courses
1. Students are expected to read the material about a visiting company provided prior to attending each FST.
2. Students are expected to participate in discussion at Q&A session after FST.
3. Students are expected to send a report in which you write your own impression to Professor Hirose by email within 2 weeks after each FST.
4. Booklet of collecting the reports of participants will be printed in each semester.
Comments from lecturer
You are expected to visit the web site as below;
It is likely to become an amazing experience.

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