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Current Chemistry IV
( Yona Siderer  )


Credits  Lecture:1  Exercise:0  Experiment:0 / code:13040
Update syllabus:2008/10/1
Update lecture notes : 2008/10/1
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Fall Semester

Outline of lecture
Purpose of lecture
History of Chemistry in Modern Japan
― From cotton dyeing to Nobel laureates ―
Plan of lecture
日程 10月8, 15, 22, 29日; 11月12, 19, 26日; 12月3日(水曜日)
時間 10:40-12:10
場所 西8号館 W834にて
Textbook and reference
Necessary documents will be distributed at each meeting.

Necessary documents will be distributed at each meeting.
How to grade?
1)Attendance (8 days’ lesson) ⇒ max. 40 points
    (出席8回 ⇒ 40点)
2)Home work 2 times ⇒ max. 30 points
    (課題提出2回 ⇒ 30点)
3)Final report ⇒ max. 30 points
    (最終のレポート ⇒ max.30点)
4)成績は上記1)、2)、3)の合計とする。 max.100点
Comments from lecturer
Do you know who Yoan Udagawa was?
Do you know where chemistry studies started in Japan?
Do you know who Fukui Kenichi was?

How good is your understanding while listening to English?
In case you know the answers to the above questions and in case you don’t -
As a scientist of the 21st century, you should understand English -
Come and practice while learning about chemistry science development in Japan!

Hope to see you on October 8th 2008, in my course on:

The History of Chemistry Science in Modern Japan: from Cotton Dyeing to Nobel Laureates,

                    Dr. Yona Siderer

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