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Earthquake Risk Reduction
( Ohmachi Tatsuo  )


Credits  Lecture:1  Exercise:0  Experiment:0 / code:92036
Update syllabus:2006/12/26
Update lecture notes : 2006/12/26
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Fall Semester

Outline of lecture
Recently, especially since the 1995 Kobe earthquake, extensive efforts to reduce urban earthquake risk have been conducted in Japan. These efforts include wide range of activities involving various levels of society from government to family. This course deals with effective methods to reduce or manage the risks from the following viewpoints.

1.General and Earthquake Preparedness

2.Earthquakes and Tsunamis in Near-field

3.Earthquake Ground Motion

4.Earthquake Response of Structures
Purpose of lecture
This course aims to broaden understanding and knowledge on earthquake engineering and disaster mitigation. In class, students are given a textbook comprising of 18 selected papers that cover the following areas.
  1. General and Earthquake Preparedness
  2. Earthquakes and Tsunamis in Near-field
  3. Earthquake Ground Motion
  4. Earthquake Response of Structures with a Focus on Dams
Every student is requested to choose at least one paper from the textbook, and give a presentation in turn followed by discussion.
Plan of lecture
1)10/18、2)10/25、3)11/1、4)11/15、 5)11/22、6)11/29、7)12/6
Textbook and reference
Selected Papers for Earthquake Risk Reduction.
will refer to Presentation, Discussion and Report.
Comments from lecturer
Students are requested to read the paper(s) to be presented in the class beforehand for active discussion.

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