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Retrofit Engineering for Urban Infrastructures
( Miki Chitoshi  )

Tue 7-8Session Thr 7-8Session

Credits  Lecture:2  Exercise:0  Experiment:0 / code:61059
Update syllabus´╝Ü2005/4/27
Update lecture notes : 2005/4/27
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Fall Semester

Outline of lecture
l. Recent Problems in Urban Infrastructures2. Classification and Causes of Deterioration of Infrastructures3. Life Cycle Cost Evaluation4. Strategy of Health and Damage Assessment of Existing Structures5. Inspection and Measurement6. Application and Recent Problems of Nondestructive Evaluations7. Health Monitoring Systems with Sensors for Damage Detection8. Evaluation of Actual Strengths of Existing Structures9. Ultimate Strengths of Deteriorated Structural Elements10. Retrofitting of Corroded Structural Elements11. Seismic Retrofitting of Deteriorated Structural Elements12. Fatigue Retrofitting of Deteriorated Structural Elements13. Strengths of Repaired Structural Elements and Structures14. Discussions: Case Studies
Plan of lecture
Topics Lecture
1. Recent Problems in Urban Infrastructures
Fatigue and fracture cases of steel structures (Lecture 1)

2. Structural Response of Bridge Structures
Design stress analysis and actual stress (Lecture 2)
Stress reduction factor for fatigue assessment
FEM model
Proof Load Test (Lecture 3)

3. Fatigue Assessment of Steel Structures
Fatigue strength of structural element (Lecture 3-4)
Nominal stress based fatigue assessment (Lecture 5)
Local stress based fatigue assessment (Lecture 6)

4. Application of Fracture Mechanics
Basic concept of F.M. (Lecture 7)
Fatigue and fracture assessment (Lecture 7)

5. Non-Destructive Evaluation
Introduction (Lecture 8)
Current methods (Lecture 8)
Recent development (Lecture 8)

6. Historical Review of Structural Steels
Developments and innovations in steel production (Lecture 9)
Mechanical properties and chemical composition (Lecture 9)
Weldability of steels (Lecture 9)
Lamellar tearing (Lecture 9)

7. Seismic Retrofitting (Lecture 10)

8. Field Stress Measurement + Monitoring
Weight of trucks, over loaded trucks (Lecture 11)
Weigh-in-Motion (Lecture 11)
Local stresses for fatigue assessment (Lecture 11)

9. Case Study
Shinkansen Bridge (Lecture 12)
Steel bridge bent in MEX (Lecture 12)
Orthotropic steel bridge deck, Maihama (Lecture 13)

10. Bridge Management/Life Cycle Cost Evaluation and Asset Management (Lecture 14)

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