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Urban Environmental Engineering
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Tue 5-6Session

Credits  Lecture:2  Exercise:0  Experiment:0 / code:61050
Update syllabus:2005/8/23
Update lecture notes : 2005/8/23
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Outline of lecture
Fundamental understanding of sanitary and environmental engineering will be given in this lecture for civil engineers. Phenomena observed in estuaries, tidal rivers, lakes and reservoirs will be explained together with the water quality indicators. Environmental reaction kinetics, and transport phenomena will be explained, which are the major two fundamental areas in chemical engineering. Environmental risk analysis for chemical substances in water environment and related statistics will be given in this class.


1. 感潮域,湖沼などで生じる水質現象
2. 環境移動現象論(拡散)
3. 環境反応速度論
4. 環境リスク評価およびそれに関わる統計学
Plan of lecture
7 Oct Phenomena observed in water environment in relation to water quality
14 Oct Water quality parameters; BOD, COD, P, N.
28 Oct Transport phenomena; Diffusivity and mass balances
4 Nov Transport phenomena; Equation of change and Turbulent diffusion and Dispersion
11 Nov Environmental reaction kinetics; First order reaction. Reaction in series, Streeter Phelps equation.
18 Nov Flow in reactors; Mixing and Tracer experiments
25 Nov No Class
29 Nov Exercises for transport phenomena and reaction kinetics
2 Dec Water systems in the world
9 Dec Environmental Risk Analysis
16 Dec Field trip to wastewater treatment plant
13 Jan Exercises for Environmental Risk Analysis
27 Jan Statistic analysis in Risk Analysis
3 Feb Membrane technology for water and wastewater treatment
Textbook and reference
Related and/or prerequisite courses
Only students who have basic knowledge on environmental engineering can choose this course. The basic knowledge of students required in this course will be examined based on the performance of the exercises given in the first lecture.
Attendance, Reports and Examination

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