Global Business Strategy and Standardization & Intellectual Property

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Kodani Takahiko  Furuya Yukitsuna  Watanabe Tomoki  Okumura Jun  Tomioka Hidenori  Kato Jinichiro 
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Spring Semester

Outline of lecture

Activities of research and industry related to environment and energy are required to expand their targets to global market. The course gives overview of current status and subjects of global business strategy in the field of feature applications such as communication, railroad, automobile and materials and financial activity, and also gives case studies of standards and intellectual property in the real global business. Students experience mutual negotiation by roll-play to lead standardization. Lecturers are Professors of Tokyo Tech and docents from industry and other who are active in the field. Language is English.

Purpose of lecture

Cultivation of grounding for researcher and engineer to be able to play leadership in the international society.

Plan of lecture

1. Apr07 Introduction ;Kodani, Furuya
2. Apr14 Standardization and intellectual property in global business ;Furuya
3. Apr 21 Case study 1: Railway(1) ;Watanabe
4. Apr 28 Case study 1: Railway(2) ;Watanabe
5. May12 Case study 2: Standardization and IP strategy in Mobile communication (1) ;Furuya
6. May19 Case study 2: Standardization and IP strategy in Mobile communication (2) ;Furuya
7. May26 Negotiation roll-play in standardization (1) Guidance ;Furuya
8. Jun02 Case study 3: National policy and global strategy in the field of environment and energy ;Okumura
9. Jun09 Negotiation roll-play in standardization (2) ;Furuya
10. Jun16 Negotiation roll-play in standardization (3) ;Furuya
11. Jun23 Negotiation roll-play in standardization (4) ;Furuya
12. Jun30 Case study 4: Electric vehicle and Fuel cell vehicle (1) ;Tomioka
13. Jul07 Case study 4: Electric vehicle and Fuel cell vehicle (2) ;Tomioka
14. Jul14 Case study 5: Global IP strategy in chemicals business ;Kato
15. Jul21 Wrap-up presentation ;Furuya, Kodani

Course time is the 7th-8th period (15:05-16:35) on Tuesday. Rooms is EEI211 in Ookayama connecting to G115 in Suzukakedai with remote lecture system.

Textbook and reference

Necessary documents will be distributed at each class.

Related and/or prerequisite courses



Based on attendance50%, roll-play activity30%, presentation and report20%

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