Sustainable Engineering Technology

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Kobayashi Yoshinao  Takemura Jiro  Akasaka Hiroki  Miyauchi Masahiro  Nakashiki Norikazu  Oki Yuso  Nishi Yoshihisa  Nagata Yutaka  Inadumi Tooru  Sato Michitaka 
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Fall Semester

Outline of lecture

Sustainable Development has been secured by a various technologies. In the course of Sustainable Engineering Technology, leading engineers and researchers will give lectures on a specific area which is crucial for sustainable development, such as, energy and environment, material production, and information technology. In addition to the lectures, the students will investigate the relation of their specialty to the specific area by various ways, including site visits, and give presentations on the investigation to share the knowledge with the students of different specialty in a seminar (Satellite Seminar).

Purpose of lecture

Sustainable Development has been secured by a various technologies. Through lectures and seminars with the discussions by the students of different disciplines, this course aims to train the students as 窶徂ighly educated, internationalized engineers窶 having a wide spectrum of technical knowledge from basics to their applications.

Plan of lecture

The orientation will be held on Dec. 2 (Wed.) (15:05 - )
1st intensive lectures: Dec 9 (Wed) (15:05 -18:15)
(1) Energy and Environment- from environment around electric facilities to the global climate -
(2) Clean Coal Technologies for Sustainable Society
2nd intensive lectures: Dec. 16 (Wed) (15:05 -18:15)
(3) Current Power Scene and Energy-Saving Technology on Demand Side-
(4) Reactor Systems Safety in the point of view of the thermal hydraulics
3rd intensive lectures: Jan. 20 (Wed) (15:05 -18:15)
(5) Trend in Advanced High Strength Steels and Application Technologies for Automobile and Infrastructure
(6) Present Status and Mid- and Long-term CO2 Mitigation Technologies in Japanese Steel Industry

Site visit and Satllite Seminar is tentatively scheduled on Feb. 25 - 26

Textbook and reference

Lecture materials will be up on the WEB and distributed in the class.

Related and/or prerequisite courses

Environment, Energy, Materials, ITC, Safety


Short tests in each class, Report, Group Presentation

Comments from lecturer

Active involvement to the classes and seminar is the key issue.
Any questions and suggestions are always welcome.

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