Communication Skill in Japanese Industry I

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Takemura Jiro  Kobayashi Yoshinao  Kikura Hiroshige  Akasaka Hiroki  Iida Katsuyoshi  Morikawa Junko  Todoroki Hidekazu  Aung Kyaw Min  Farid Triawan  Mochida Takaaki  Gao Qi 
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Fall Semester

Outline of lecture

Required language and communication skills for the working environment in Japan vary depending on the types of industries and types of work. The class is designed for the students who are aiming or considering a job/internship opportunity in Japan. In this class, lecturers are invited from specific companies and the students have lectures about general introduction, working environment, especially language environment, and required language skill of the companies. After having the lectures, the students visit a company to see actual working conditions.

Purpose of lecture

Through the studies in the class and the company visit, the students are expected to set their own targets of language ability at the time of internship and graduation based on their desired working place conditions. The student will also make her/his own study plan for promoting the language and communication skills with the guidance of instructors.

Plan of lecture

This class is scheduled Wednesday afternoon after 3pm at the class room, W331 except on Dec 3 (10F meeting room, W8 Bld).
Oct.22 15:05-15:20 Orientation
Oct.22 15:20- 16:50 1st lecture "Introduction to Sony, a Global Electronics Giant"
Oct.29 15:05-16:35 2nd lecture "Japanese Dream Does Exist?"
Nov. 5 15:05-16:35 3rd lecture "Globalization of Japanese Industries and The Role of Foreign Employees"
Nov.12 13:30-18:00 (optional) Study visit to Ikebukuro Life Safety Learning Center
Nov.19 15:05-16:35 4th lecture "Communication Skill in Japanese Plant Engineering and Construction Industry"
Dec. 3 15:40-17:00 5th lecture "Japanese Corporate Efforts to Nurture "Global Talents (Global Jinzai)"
Jan 7 12:30-18:00 (optinal) Study visit to JR-East Research & Development Center and The Railway Museum
Jan 21 15:05-16:35 6th lecture by Mr. Gao Qi (Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings)
Jan 28 15:05-1635 7th lecture "Global Communications, Opportunity and Challenges in Nuclear Industry -A case of Hitaschi-GE Nuclear Energy -"
Feb 11 9:00-18:00 (optional) Study visit to Hitaschi-GE Nuclear Energy, Hitachi City, Ibaraki Pre"

Textbook and reference

Handout will be uploaded in OCWi or distribute in the clas

Related and/or prerequisite courses

Other language and communication programs are strongly recommended.


Short Quiz after each class
Report including Study plan

Comments from lecturer

This class is aiming to motivate the students in their own language study. To maximize the efficiency of the study the students should also take classes of Language Program, Japanese class in particular.

Office Hours

Question will be accepted after the class or by e-mail.


Attendance to the optinal tour (visit) will be confirmed in the class.

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