Study on Japanese Companies and Industries I

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Sato Yuriko 
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Fall Semester

Outline of lecture

This course aims to deepen the students understanding of the actual system of Japanese companies and industries through a series of study tours and lectures given by a company founder, company staff and the graduates of Tokyo Tech including the mayor of Atami city.
Participating students are encouraged to ask questions or express their observations to the lecturer(s) or staff(s) during the QA session in each lecture/tour.
They are expected to write and submit a short report after each visit/lecture and a final report on the Japanese companies and industries at the end of this course.

Purpose of lecture

This course aims to deepen the students understanding of the actual system of Japanese companies and industries through a series of study tours and lectures given by government officials, scholars, company staffs and the graduates of Tokyo Tech who work for Japanese companies and related organizations.

Plan of lecture

October 2 (Wed.) 12:15-12:40 Briefing on the course and selection of the participants at W935, 3rd floor of West Bldg. 9.

October 23 (Wed.) 13:00-18:00 Visit to the Life Safety Learning Center in Ikebukuro
Train fee from O-okayama to Musashi Nakahara is 340 yen (one way)
13:50 Gather at O-okayama station
14:00 Take Meguro-line bound for Nishi-takashimadaira at O-okayama station
14:05 Reach Meguro station and change to JR Yamanote line
14:10 Take JR Yamanote line bound for Ikebukuro at Meguro station
14:31 Get off the train at Ikebukuro station
14:40 Arrival at Life Safety Learning Center in Ikebukuro on foot. Divided into two groups.
15シ00ス17:00 DVD on Great East Japan Earthquake
Experience at Earthquake Simulation Section, Smoke Maze Section, and Fire Fighting Training Section Please bring a towel or big handkerchief with you for your experience at Smoke Maze Section.
Website of the Life Safety Learning Center in Ikebukuro (only in Japanese)

October 30 (Wed.) 13:15-14:45 Special lecture by Dr. August Hergesheimer, founder of Abios Co Ltd and Save Minamisoma Project on 窶彜tarting Business and Engaging in Volunteer Activities in Japan窶 at E1001, 10th floor of West Bldg. 8E on O-okayama campus

November 13 (Wed.) 14:00 -17:00 Visit to Fujitsu Research Institute in Kawasaki
Train fee from O-okayama to Musashi Nakahara is 280 yen (one way)
13:15 Gather at O-okayama station
13:21 Take Meguro-line bound for Hiyoshi at O-okayama station
13:30 Reach Musashi-Kosugi station and change to JR Nanbu line
13:36 Take JR Nanbu line bound for Noborito at Musashi-Kosugi station
13:39 Get off the train at Musashi- Nakahara station
13:45 Arrive at the Fujitsu Ltd. Head Office on foot
Tour in the Technology Hall, Introduction of the company and Q & A with the staff of the Fujitsu Research Institute

November 20 (Wed.) Asahi Glass Ltd. Kashima Factory in Ibaragi prefecture
Up to 28 students will be accepted.
The students who cannot join the Study tour to Atami from Dec. 25 to 26 have the priority for participation (The students who join both this tour and Atami tour will be requested to submit the assignments of Atami tour).
We will go there by bus. Detail will be announced later

From December 25 (Wed.) to 26 (Thu.) Study tour to Atami
Up to 37 students will be accepted. The students who do not join the tour to Asahi Glass Ltd. have the priority for participation.
The participation fee per student is 8,000 yen. It is for the accommodation at Heartpia Atami including dinner and breakfast.
You can check the information at
< Schedule on Dec. 25>
11:00 Leave O-okayama campus by bus (Gather at the bus parked in front of West Bldg. 9 on O-okayama campus by 10:50)
13:30 Visit to Asahi Brewery Co. (Ashigara factory)
16:30 Arrive at Heartpia Atami 繝上シ繝医ヴ繧「辭ア豬キ
18:00-19:00 Dinner
19:00-20:00 Presentations by the young graduate(s) of Tokyo Tech working in the Japanese companies
20:00-20:50 Group Discussion on the following topics:
21:00-22:00 Group Presentation on the result of the discussion. Comments by the graduate(s) of Tokyo Tech.
< Schedule on Dec. 26>
7:00-8:30 Breakfast
9:00 Check out and leave the hotel
9:30 Arrive at Ikiiki Plaza. Preparation for the lecture.
10:00-11:30 Lecture by Mr. Sakae Saito, the mayor of Atami (graduate of Tokyo Tech)
12:00-15:00 Stroll in Atami city with the students of the Int窶冤 Tourism Special Training College
18:00 Come back to O-okayama campus

January 15 (Wed.) 12:30-17:00 Visit to JFE Steel
12:30 Leave O-okayama campus by bus (Gather at the bus parked in front of West Bldg. 9 on O-okayama campus by 12:20)
14:00 Reach JFE Steel and start of the factory tour
15:30ス朮 & A with the staff
16:20 leave the factory
18:00 Return to O-okayama campus

Textbook and reference

There is no specific text for this course.

Related and/or prerequisite courses

Up to 21 international students will be accepted in addition to YSEP students due to the limit of a bus capacity. The selection of the class participants will be done in the course briefing on October 2.
The following students have priority in participation.
1. The students who have not yet participated in the SJCI or Factory Study Tours.
2. The students who can attend all the tours/lectures and submit all the required reports.
3. The Tokyo Tech master course regular students have priority over the exchange students other than YSEP.


Evaluation: Class Participation 40%, Short reports 30%, Final report 30%
1. Class attendance: attendance is expected at all tours, lectures and class meetings. Those who will be absent from them are requested to submit a substitute report. The details of the report will be informed to the students later.
2. Short reports after the visits/lectures:
Students are expected to write a short report before or after each visit/lecture.
The length of report should be from 80 to 150 words in English and be submitted to the TA within one week after each visit/lecture at the following e-mail address:
ysep.sjci (please change # to @)
Regarding the study tour to Atami, participating students are requested to introduce the charms of Atami city through your blog/website in English or your mother tongue (more than 300 words with photos). Please send the url of blog/website within two weeks after the tour to the TA at the e-mail address: ysep.sjci
3. Final report:
1) Topic:窶狼he challenges for the Japanese companies and industries窶
2) Length: from 500 to 800 words in English.
3) Deadline: January 26th midnight (Late submission will decrease your report points. Please keep the deadline.)
4) Style: Please write your name, country and student number at the upper right corner of the first page of your report.
5) Plagiarism is strictly prohibited. If such an act is found, you will obtain no points for your report.
6) Submission: Please send it to the TA at the following e-mail address
ysep.sjci #
When you send your report by e-mail, she will send you the confirmation of its receipt. If you don't receive the confirmation within a week, you are requested to contact the teacher since the report might be missing. Please bring your report to her office (#206 of West 1 Bldg.) .


Please keep the following rules and manner when you visit a factory.
(Rule 1) Visiting a factory
1. Please put on low-heeled shoes. Sandals and mules will be inappropriate from the safety reasons.
2. Participants are recommended to wear long pants/slacks and bring long sleeve shirts/jackets and socks with you from the safety reasons (you might be requested to change to safety shoes in some factories).
(Rule 2) When you are in a plant or a factory
1. Taking a picture is prohibited unless you are given the permission.
2. Cell phone should not be used while walking in the factory.
3. Please do not come close to the staffs while they are operating.
4. Please be careful about the trucks, locomotives and so on in the plant.
5. Please follow the designated line on the ground of the factory.
6. Please do not touch the products, unless you are allowed.
7. Please do not put your hand in the pocket while walking.
8. Please do not ask questions which may sound rude to the staff of the company

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