Factory Study Tour of CDSA No.2

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Hirose Sachio 
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Fall Semester

Outline of lecture

縲A typical enterprise in various industrial fields is visited, and a social, economical role of the enterprise is understood from actual factory. A factory study tour (FST) by bus in this semester is carried out in the afternoon of Tuesday once a month.
After the factory study tour (FST), the impression report is submitted and made in English. The course is conducted in English.

Active talent in an international enterprise is promoted in career development program for foreign students from Asia. Therefore, the aim of this subject is to learn how the enterprise has used the advanced technology which is learned on the desk through the FST.

Purpose of lecture

The overall objective of this course is to understand the concept of advanced technology and system of a company/organization in the variety of fields around the area of Tokyo, including an experience which you can not make in your class room in Tokyo Tech.
A series of Factory Study Tour (FST) by bus in this semester is carried out in the afternoon of Tuesday once a month. YSEP students are expected to submit a report after each FST.
Some of international students who are taking a subject of FST join in this tour with YSEP students. I will give YSEP students a chance to know other students of Tokyo Tech as well as YSEP students. A proposal that you would like to visit an advanced company is greatly appreciated.
Please refer to previous FST as follows;

Plan of lecture

FST will be held 4 times in the semester intensively.
Oct 11(Tue) 13:00 ス 18:00 Factory Study Tour (1) Honjo Life Safety Learnig Center(Tokyo)
Nov 15(Tue) 12:30 ス 19:00 Factory Study Tour (2) Canon Electronics Inc.(Saitama)
Dec 13(Tue) 12:30 ス 19:00 Factory Study Tour (3) Isuzu Motors Ltd.(Fujisawa, Kanagawa)
Dec 20(Tue) 12:30 ス 19:00 Factory Study Tour (4) Mitsubishi Electrics Co.(Kamakura, Kanagawa)
Jan 17(Tue) 12:30 ス 19:00 Factory Study Tour (5) Toray Co.(Mishima, Shizuoka)

The schedule of FST might be changed without announcement due to the convenience of company visited.

Textbook and reference

You are expected to visit the web site as below;

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Conducted in English


Class Participation 50%, Reports 50%

Comments from lecturer

It is likely to become an amazing experience.

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