Seminar of Advanced MOT Research II

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Fujimura Shuzo  Hidaka Kazuyoshi 
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Fall Semester

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Leaning Research methods

Plan of lecture

MOT Seminar 20th Oct.
繝サLecture 1
Prof.Cornelius Herstatt (TUHH)(
"Frugal Innovation窶
繝サLecture 2
Prof. Fredrik Hacklin (ETH)
"Turning back the waters: how business model pivoting reels in migrating value in the wake of convergence窶

MOT Symposium 22nd Oct.
Lecture 1 Prof. Cornelius Herstatt (TUHH)
窶廚radle to Cradle Innovations 窶 Concept and opportunities for Closed-Loop Supply Chains窶
Lecture 2 Prof. Fredrik Hacklin (ETH) 窶扨anaging innovation in an age of industry convergence窶
Lecture 3 Prof. Minato (Ritsumei Univ.) "Systems Evaluation for Business Sustainability"
Lecture 4 Dr. Viktoria Drabe (TUHH) 窶廬mplementing Cradle to Cradle innovations 窶 why and how companies strive for circular economy窶
Lecture 5 Masakatsu Omori. (ALL NIPPON AIRWAYS CO.,LTD.)
窶弋he Implications of Airlines' Maintenance Activities for Customer Acquisition窶
Lecture 6 Toru Hatori (Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.) "A key success factor of value co-creation with customers"
Lecture 7 Dr. Satoshi Ito (Project Researcher)
窶弋he effect cultural assimilation on organizational decision-making窶
Lecture 8 Taku Hirano (Doctoral candidate)
"The Study of Function of Engineer Professional Associations and Ethical Regulation in Science and Technology Governance"
Lecture 9 Dr. Tatsuya Tokunaga (Doctoral candidate) "Equivalence of Design Structure Matrix and Axiomatic Design"
Lecture 10 Dr. Tomokazu umezawa (Graduates) "Spiral technology progress in nanotechnology"
Lecture 11 Toyoko Endo (Doctoral candidate)
窶廚an airline customers value aircrafts窶 safety represented by technical terms?窶

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The mark of each student will be evaluated with the attendance ratio of
seminar(Oct.20th) and symposium(Oct.22nd) and the report.

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