Corporate Management & Intellectual Property Activities

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Tanaka Yoshitoshi 
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Fall Semester

Outline of lecture

Now, Intellectual Property (IP) became one of important business tools to get strength and competence. We have to understand IP's functions and roles breaking down into IP activities. These IP activities shall be integrated with corporate management and its business strategy. We will try to define IP strategy and also try to integrate IP activities with corporate management, through this lecture class. All participants shall join some group discussions to have an overview of Corporate Management and Intellctual Property Activities.

Purpose of lecture

The intellectual property related activities shall be close to corporate management to contribute to strengthen company窶冱 competence toward the growth of the business, and IP department should be integrated with the accomplishment of the management strategy. It is necessary to link with other functional departments in addition to work as specialists in the intellectual property field, sharing a management index with other department. The group work is planned and discussed with a method on certain corporate case, in order to break down the business objectives to the intellectual property activities, expecting a training to combine corporate management with the intellectual property activities. In addition, IP knowledge necessary for other functional departments such as production, sales, HR, and finance, etc. shall be discussed to achieve effective use of the intellectual property to be utilized for the growth of company.

Plan of lecture

What is Intellectual Property Rights
Current situation surrounding IP
Intellectua Property Acitivities
Management Strategy Making
IP Strategy Menu
Exercise of IP Strategy Making
Group Discussions on IP & Business Game
Group Presentation

Textbook and reference

Reference: Essentials of Intellectual Property (JOHN WILEY & SONS)

Related and/or prerequisite courses

Not specific requirements


Attendance (70%), Report(15%), Group Discussions and presentation (15%)

Comments from lecturer

You will face on Intellctual Property issues in the future wherever you work. It is important to have overview understandings on IP issues to make proper managerial decision. Hoping you try to understand the basic on IP and busuness.

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