Corporate Management & Intellectual Property Activities

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Tanaka Yoshitoshi 
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Fall Semester

Outline of lecture

Now, Intellectual Property (IP) became one of important business tools to get strength and competence. We have to understand IP's functions and roles breaking down into IP activities. These IP activities shall be integrated with corporate management and its business strategy. We will try to define IP strategy and also try to integrate IP activities with corporate management, through this lecture class. All participants shall join some group discussions to have an overview of Corporate Management and Intellctual Property Activities.

Purpose of lecture

To make IP activities contribute to the growth of Company, IP shall be positioned close to the cooperate management. IP activities shall actively participate in the process of corporate management. They should not be limited into a traditional specialized field but they have to share the corporate objectives with working together toward the achievement of corporate objectives. IP activities shall be linked with corporate management to maximize its value.

Plan of lecture

This class provide the following major contents.
-What is IP?
-IP activities from corporate aspects
-IP related activities
-Corporate Management Basic
-Management of Objectives for IP department
-Case study on IP strategy making
-Case Study to link IP activities with corporate management
-IP activities for functional department in the company, such as production, marketing, HR, finance, etc

Textbook and reference

Reference: Essentials of Intellectual Property (JOHN WILEY & SONS)

Related and/or prerequisite courses

Not specially


Attendance 80%, Report, Group Discussion

Comments from lecturer

In every manufacturing industry, you will face on some subjects on Intellectual Property, wherever you work in the future. It is important to have an overview understandings on Intellectual Property activities, especiaaly in connection with corporate strategy and management. I expect your positive participation to get a balanced thinking suroundings Corporate Management and IP.

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