Optical Imaging and Image Processing

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Yamaguchi Masahiro 
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Fall Semester

Outline of lecture

Based on the knowledge of the diffraction and interference of light, optical imaging theory, and two-dimensional Fourier transform, the fundamentals of optical imaging systems and digital image processing are described. The applications in image analysis, restoration and reconstruction are also introduced.

Purpose of lecture

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Plan of lecture

1. Introduction
2. Basics of imaging systems (1)
3. Basics of imaging systems (2)
4. Optical imaging systems (1)
5. Optical imaging systems (2)
6. Optical imaging systems (3)
7. Image restoration,
8. Image reconstruction, computational imaging
9. Color imaging (1)
10. Color imaging (2)
11. Multispectral Imaging
12. Three-dimensional imaging
13. Three-dimensional display
14. Holography

Textbook and reference

J. W. Goodman, "Introduction to Fourier Optics," McGraw-Hill (New York)
W. K. Platt, "Digital Image Processing," John Wiley & Sons 縲縲縲
A. Rosenfeld and A. C. Kak, "Digital Picture Processing," 2nd Edition, Vol.1, 2, Academic Press, Inc

Related and/or prerequisite courses

Students are recommended to take "Fundamentals of Digital Signal Processing" before taking this class. (Not mandatory)


Homework and in-class exercises, Short exams (twice), Class attendance

Contact Information

Masahiro Yamaguchi,
D. Eng., Professor,
E-mail: yamaguchi.m.aaツシm.titech.ac.jp
Web: http://guchi.gsic.titech.ac.jp
Authentication and Networking Group, ICT Support Division
Global Scientific Information and Computing Center
Tokyo Institute of Technology
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Suzukakedai Office
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Phone: 5137

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