Micro-Acoustic Systems

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  Kurosawa Minoru 
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Fall Semester

Outline of lecture


Micro actuators and sensors based on elastic vibration and/or elastic wave are lectured. Starting from materials and fabrication technologies for MEMS (micro electro mechanical systems) devices, structures and principles of the transducers are introduced. A couple of sensors and actuators are studied in detail to obtain clear understanding for actual devices. For this purpose, modeling methods of the piezoelectric electro mechanical system and opto mechatro system are discussed.

Purpose of lecture

Based on the application of elastic wave and acoustic wave engineering, micro electro mechanical systems (MEMS) are lectured from the principle to modeling. MEMS is getting more and more important technology field in these days. The priceple, analysis method and modeling of electro-acoustic transducers which are very important in this field, are lectured. Opto-acoustical sensing system is lectured also.

Plan of lecture

01.Elastic wave and vibration
02.Piezoelectric equations and electro mechanical equivalent circuit
03.Simple vibration mode electo mechanical transducers
04.Vibro gyro scope: principle and modeling
05.Principle of ultrasonic motors
06.Modeling of ultrasonic motors
07.Actuators and sensors using piezoelectirc film material
08.Surface acoustic wave device: principle and modeling
09.Surface acoustic wave motor
10.Opto-acoust sensing
11.Fiber optic micro sensors

Textbook and reference

Original materials will be deriverd.

Related and/or prerequisite courses

Ultrasonic electronics is helpful for well understanding.縲


Final examination and short problems in each lecture.

Comments from lecturer

Starting from the basics of elastic vibration/wave phenomenon and piezoelectric transducers, electro mechanical equivalent circuit modeling is lectured. This modeling is effective to understand the quantitative relationshipt of the device operation.

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