Reaction System Modeling

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Yamaguchi Takeo 
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Spring Semester

Outline of lecture

Fundamental physical chemistry, mass transfer, heat transfer, momentum transfer and chemical reaction engineering are reviewed. Mathematical models based on transport phenomena are also spoken.

Purpose of lecture

The aim of the class is to understand and use simple reaction modeling for environmental engineering. To save
global environmental and local environmental issues, new devises and processes are needed. In the process or
devises, chemical reaction is important. For the complicated devises or processes, we must understand the
devise functions or process operation. For the purpose, we must use reaction modeling in the whole system. In
this class, we will obtain just an essence of the reaction modeling and simple modeling skill for environmental
chemical engineering.

Plan of lecture

1. Guidance
2. Reaction chemistry: General reactions
3. Reaction equation 1: Polymerization reaction equations
4. Reaction equation 2: Enzyme reaction equations
5. Reaction equation 3: Catalyst reaction equations
6. Exercise 1
7. Reactor modeling 1: Basic of reactor modeling
8. Reactor modeling 2: Batch type reactor modeling
9. Reactor modeling 3: Continuous reactor modeling
10. Exercise 2
11. Catalyst reaction and reactor
12. Bio-chemical reaction and reactor
13. Exercise 3
14. Concluding remarks

Textbook and reference

Reaction Engineering, Kenji Hashimoto, Baifukan (in Japanese)
Chemical Reaction Engineering, Octave Levenspiel, John Wiley & Sons Inc (in English)

Related and/or prerequisite courses

Chemistry or physics at high school level. English level is not important when you understand Japanese.


Attendance,(40%), three time exercises during the class,(20%), and a final report,(40%),. No examination.

Comments from lecturer

To make a good research work, everyone needs to know a basic concept and the effect of the concept on a
problem solution. For this purpose, simple reaction modeling is very much effective tool to understand the
importance of your research works.

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