Topics in Innovative Materials Science I

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Odawara Osamu  Nagai Keiji  Azuma Masaki 
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Spring Semester

Outline of lecture

The purpose of the lecture is to present innovative concepts and technologies for the exploration, characterization and utilization of materials and devices. Status quo of nanotechnologies is overviewed.

Purpose of lecture

By focusing to innovative concepts and technologies for the exploration, characterization and utilization of energy and environmental materials, recent topics and progress is overviewed on 窶廬nnovative concepts and technologies in materials science窶 and 窶彝ecent progresses in nanotechnologies: materials, processing and applications窶.

Plan of lecture

The present lecture is scheduled with the following topics;
Lecture Introduction & Introduction to 窶弋ransition metal oxides窶
Powder diffraction structural analysis
Metal-insulator transition
High pressure synthesis of oxides
Piezoceramics and multiferroics
Approach to advanced engineering driven with nanotechnology/ ISRU in Space: 窶弋hermal Wads窶
Innovative design in optical advances: 窶廩uman Retinal Sensors窶
Exploratory approach with nanotechnology: 窶弃hotonic Fractal窶
Exploratory approach to atomic design: 窶廴odulation-doped Quantum Ball窶
Exploratory approach with remote sensing: 窶彜pace Solar Power Systems窶
Introduction to 窶廴olecular Photophysical Processes窶
Advanced Approach in photophysics: 窶廢nergy Transfer and Electron Transfer窶 in polymer
Innovative design with nanotechnology 窶徘hotoinduced electron transfer窶
Exploratory approach with photochemistry: 窶廛ye Sensitized Solar Cell窶
Exploratory approach with photochemistry: 窶廣rtificial Photosynthesis窶

Textbook and reference

Lecture notes and supplementary materials are distributed during the lectures.

Related and/or prerequisite courses

Nothing is prerequisite for registration.


Student evaluation is based on (1) a brief report on an assigned topics and (2) Q&A potentials.

Comments from lecturer

This topical lecture is recommended for foreign as well as domestic students in the field of materials science and engineering.

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