Phase Diagram and Related Thermodynamics

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Hosoda Hideki  Inamura Tomonari 
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Spring Semester

Outline of lecture

This lecture describes fundamentals of binary and ternary phase diagrams for metalc materils, phase reaction and resulting microstruture formed during solidification. Main purpose is to understand the relationship between binary phase diagrams and microstructures. Besides, fundamentals of thermodynamics related to phase diagrams are provided. Students who have not studied phase diagrams in undergraduate course are welcome.

Purpose of lecture

The purpose of this lecture is a comprehensive understanding of the alloy phase diagrams in the binary and ternary systems and related thermodynamics including Gibbs free energy, the phase rule, Gibbs free energy, laws of thermodynamics and so on. Besides, microstructures are discussed in connection with phase reactions. This lecture is given in English.

Plan of lecture

First half is provided by Prof. Hosoda, maily how to read phase diagrams and related microstructure.
Last half is provided by Prof. Inamura, maily thermodynamics related to phase diagram.
1. Introduction, calculation, single phase
2. phase regiojn and phase reaction
3. phase reaction and microstructrue 1
4. phase reaction and microstructrue 2
5. phase reaction and microstructure 3
6. phase rule, phase equilibrium
7. Gibbs free energy, phase transition, phase equilibrium
8. Thermodynamics 1
9. Thermodynamics 2
10. Thermodynamics 3
11. Thermodynamics 4
12. Thermodynamics 5
13. Thermodynamics 6
14. Thermodynamics 7
15. Summary

Textbook and reference

For drawing phase diagram, a ruler is needed.

Related and/or prerequisite courses

Related subjects: physical metallurgy, solid state physics and so on.


atendance, short exams and term-end exams
exercise style in often cases.

Comments from lecturer

Fter finishing this lecture, every student can read phase diagrams.
Questions are anytime welcome.

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