Topics in Innovative Materials Science II

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Matsumoto Yuji  Nakamura Kazutaka  Iyoda Tomokazu 
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Fall Semester

Outline of lecture


Each instructor gives lectures relevant to recent topics and progress in the field of materials with novel functions. Some of the lectures are organized as seminars, in which each student gives a short presentation o

Purpose of lecture

This lecture will provide the following three advanced topics in material science,

1) Ultrafast Phenomena
2) Surface & Interface Chemistry
3) Quantum Observations

All lectures are given in English.

The details for each topic are described as below.
1) Ultrafast Phenomena: Ultrafast phenomena in femtosecond and picosecond time scales of materials such as photo-excitation processes and coherent phonons will be reviewed. Fundamentals of femtosecond lasers and experimental methods of ultrafast measurements will be presented.
2) Surface & Interface Chemistry: The surface & interface is a region of finite thickness where two homogeneous bulk phases meet and the properties change, often markedly, as we move from one bulk phase to the other. This lecture will provide an overview of various phenomena particular to the surface & interface, together with fundamentals of the related physical chemistry.
3) Quantum Observations: Super-functions of innovative materials are closely related with quantum mechanical properties of the materials. This part of lectures will deal with various state-of-the-art techniques for the observations of the quantum states in the innovative materials. Topics will include scanning tunneling microscope/spectroscopy, angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy, and inelastic neutron/x-ray scattering.

Plan of lecture

01 10/07 K.G. Nakamura Ultrafast Phenomena (1)
02 10/14 KGN UP (2)
03 10/28 KGN UP (3)
04 11/04 KGN UP (4)
05 11/18 Y. Matsumoto Surface/Interface Chemistry (1)
06 11/25 YM SIC (2)
07 12/02 YM SIC (3)
08 12/09 YM SIC (4)
09 12/16 T. Sasagawa Quantum Observations (1)
10 01/06 TS QO (2)
11 01/13 TS QO (3)
12 01/20 TS QO (4)
13 01/27 Spare

Textbook and reference


Related and/or prerequisite courses



Your score is determined based on an average of 3 independent evaluations by the 3 instructors and by the number of attendances. Reports on the three major topics are required to submit.

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