Characteristics & Applications of Intermetallic Alloys

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Kimura Yoshisato  Mishima Yoshinao 
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Spring Semester

Outline of lecture

Intermetallic compounds provide very different physical and chemical properties due to a wide variety of their ordered crystal structures. Starting from fundamental characteristics of intermetallic compounds strongly depending on their ordered structures, advanced applications both for structural and functional are covered with considering strategies for the material design.

Purpose of lecture

To provide general understanding on the various properties of intermetallic compounds and their alloys. Also to learn practical and potential applications of this class of materials.

Plan of lecture

1) Ordered crystal structures 2) Types of intermetallic compounds appear on the phase diagram 3) Order-disorder transformation 4) Off-stoichiometry and substitution behavior 5) Characteristic plastic deformation mode with an ordered structure 6) Mechanical properties of structural interemetallic alloys 7) Various attractive properties of functional intermetallic alloys 8) Practical applications of intermetallic alloys

Textbook and reference

To be announced.

Related and/or prerequisite courses



Quizz in class, a mid-term and the final exams

Comments from lecturer

A number of highly advanced materials for various applications are developed by alloy designing intermetallic compounds. Let's open the door to learn the basics of their properties and applications.

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