Japanese Culture and Society

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Iwamoto Yougaku  Gonzales Hazel Bantolino  Murayama Takehiko  Ishikawa Tadaharu 
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Fall Semester

Outline of lecture

This course is a brief introduction to Japanese culture with some explanation of characteristics of Japanese society and history. As the scope of Japanese culture is quite large, the lectures will focus on some topics on which each one has special interests. The lecturers from Japan and a foreign country could provide information, knowledge and ideas on special topics of Japanese culture from different angles to the students. We believe that this should be quite stimulus for the students. Active discussions in each class should be welcome.

Purpose of lecture

The purpose of this lecture is to offer the hints of right understanding of japanese culture and society.

Plan of lecture

Four lecturers talk about japanese history,japanese international folk song,animation,clothes,life style,craftmanship,integration,economics,traditional performing arts such as kabuki and etiquette.

Textbook and reference

Inazo Nitobe:BUSHIDOス朶amurai Ethics and the Soul of Japanス
Daisetz T. Suzuki : ZEN and Japanese Culture
Chie Nakane: Japanese Culture within International Society

Related and/or prerequisite courses

Learning from Japanese Environmental Problems (No 94093)
Ethics for Scientists and Engineers (No 99408)


attendance 50%
small report 50%

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