Fundamentals for Energy Conversion (DES)

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Okuno Yoshihiro  Waki Keiko  Hasegawa Yasuo 
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Fall Semester

Purpose of lecture

The lecture provides fundamental knowledge on energy conversion. The fundamental concept of exergy and its conversion process are discussed. This lecture also covers current technologies for converting heat, light and chemical energy into electrical energy and state of the art developments on the energy system. The major topics are 1) Fundamental concept of exergy and its conversion process, 2) Fundamentals and developments in magneto-hydro-dynamic (MHD) electrical power generation, fuel cells, solar cells, capacitors, and distributed energy systems.

Plan of lecture

1. Oct. 02 - no class -
2. Oct. 16 Energy Conversion Technology (1) Y.Okuno
3. Oct. 23 Energy Conversion Technology (2) Y.Okuno
4. Oct. 30 Energy Conversion Technology (3) Y.Okuno
5. Nov. 06 Energy Conversion Technology (4) Y.Okuno
6. Nov. 13 Energy Conversion Technology (5) Y.Okuno
7. Nov. 20 Distributed Energy System (1) Y.Hasegawa
8. Nov. 27 Exercise (tentative)
9. Dec. 04 Distributed Energy System (2) Y.Hasegawa
10. Dec. 11 Renewable Energy Technology (1) K.Waki
11. Dec. 28 Renewable Energy Technology (2) K.Waki
12. Jan. 08 Renewable Energy Technology (3) K.Waki
13. Jan. 15 Renewable Energy Technology (4) K.Waki
14. Jan. 22 Renewable Energy Technology (5) K.Waki
15. Jan. 29 Exercise (tentative)

Textbook and reference

Textbook and/or reference are specified by each lecturer.

Related and/or prerequisite courses

Related subject and/or stipulation are specified by each lecturer.


The grade will depend on your attendance rate and report.

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