Theory of Regional Planning Process

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Yai Tetsuo 
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Spring Semester

Outline of lecture

The system of Regional Planning and Transportation Planning is studied in this class.
In order to achieve the goal of the class, first we learn those systems in Japan, Europe and USA and then we study the fundamental principle of planning process, regulation and other legal framework, including the citizen participatory process.
This class will cover SEA (Strategic Environmental Assessment) and refer to the litigation against the governmental decision and the administrative court system.
Besides, planning practices will be discussed with students who are required to make presentations by reviewing the specific planning system and its process of any country or region.

Purpose of lecture

(1) to learn about regional and transportation planning system in some countries
(2) to learn about theory of planning process and its application
(3) to learn about planning practices in some regions
(4) to make a better presentation and discussion on planning system and process

Plan of lecture

1) Overview
2) National and Regional Planning systems in Japan
3) Planning systems in Europe and USA
4) Fundamental theory of planning process
5) Citizen Participation and Public Involvement
6) Administrative court system
7) Planning process and SEA process

Textbook and reference

A handout is available through OCW.

Related and/or prerequisite courses

Theory of Environmental Public Policies, Transportation Planning, Urban Planning at undergraduate course.


2 Reports and 2 Presentations

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