Environmental Transportation Engineering

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Yai Tetsuo 
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Fall Semester

Outline of lecture


This class covers transportation systems such as aviation, expressway, highway, public transport, and bicycle. The environmental improvements related to those systems are focused and advanced topics are discussed in the class.

Purpose of lecture

Natural and living Environments affected and created by Transportation systems are major focus of this class. We may cover a part of safety environments such as disaster prevention and traffic accident as well as atmospheric environment and GHG emission. The aim of this class is to give students hints and ideas of researches on transportation engineering. In order to know the planning system which is another key to realize better environments, students are strongly recommended to take the class titled theory of regional planning process at spring semester.

Plan of lecture

1st week(Oct. 14th ): Outline of class and Transportation and Environment
2nd week(Nov. 11th ): Road traffic and micro-simulation studies
3rd week(Dec.9th ): Road Safety and Driving Simulation researches
4th week(Dec. 16th ):Non-motorized Transport and Bicycle Transport
5th week(Jan 13th ): Railway and Mass Transit System overview
6th week(Jan 20th ): Aviation and Airport System
7th week(Jan 27th ):Discussion and reporting

Textbook and reference

The Handout of the class can be downloaded from OCWi.

Related and/or prerequisite courses

Theory of Regional Planning Process


Presentaiton and Report

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