Managing Transformation by ICT

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Senoo Dai 
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Fall Semester

Outline of lecture



The new business challenges and opportunities brought by the networked society will be studied in this class. Particularly the use of information and communication technology by organizations to respond to the challenges and to take the opportunities will be discussed. The students will be asked to read two research papers (one for each topic) and make an in-class presentation for each paper.

Purpose of lecture

Information Technology plays a critical role for organizations to adapt themselves to the net society where the speed and scale of organizational competition have significantly increased. In this class, organizations' various ways to cope with the net society will be discussed. Students will be asked to read related research papers and make two presentations in the class.

Plan of lecture

1. Course orientation
2. Lecture: ICT impact
3. Lecture: ICT and Management
4. Case Discussion 1
5. Presentation by students
6. Presentation by students
7. Presentation by students
8. Presentation by students
9. Lecture: Basic concept of E-business
10. Lecture: E-business and social communities
11. Case Discussion 2
12. Presentation by students
13. Presentation by students
14. Presentation by students
15. Presentation by students

Textbook and reference

Laudon and Laudon(2006) Management Information Systems 9th Ed., Pearson Education.

Related and/or prerequisite courses



Attendance and participation 20%
Critique of presentation 20%
Paper presentation 60%

Comments from lecturer

Even year: in Japanese
Odd year : in English

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