Global Environmental Governance

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Tue5-6(W9-707 AV seminar room)  
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Spring Semester

Outline of lecture

Using case studies on variety of issues on environmental governance, this course provides students with insights on the reality of environmental governance, and discuss lessons learnt for the future institutions for the earth.

Purpose of lecture


In order to solve global environmental issues such as climate change and depletion of Ozone layer, various environmental governance functions need to be satisfied with multiple actors as well as their trans-boundary networks. What lessons can we learn from the past experience on environmental governance in this respect?

Plan of lecture


Textbook and reference

ぁ Marc A. Levy, 窶廢uropean Acid Rain: The Power of Tote-Board Diplomacy窶, in Peter M. Haas, Robert O. Keohane, and Marc A. Levy eds., Institutions for the Earth (MIT Press, 1995)
ぁ Kenneth Hanf, 窶弋he Problem of Long-Range Transport of Air Pollution and the Acidification Regime窶 in Arild Underdal and Kenneth Hanf eds. International Environmental Agreements and Domestic Politics: The case of Acid Rain (Ashgate 2000)
ぁ Yearbook of International Cooperation on Environment and Development
ぁ Frank Biermann and Bernd Siebenhuner, Managers of Global Change: The Influence of International Environmental Bureaucracies, MIT Press, 2009
ぁ The Oxford Handbook of International Environmental Law (Actors and Institutions)
ぁ Miles et al. eds. Environmental Regime Effectiveness: Confronting Theory with Evidence, MIT Press, 2002
ぁ Biermann, Frank, Michele M. Betsill, Joyeeta Gupta, Norichika Kanie, Louis Lebel, Diana Liverman, Heike Schroeder, and Bernd Siebenhテシner, with contributions from Ken Conca, Leila da Costa Ferreira, Bharat Desai, Simon Tay, and Ruben Zondervan. 2009. Earth System Governance: People, Places and the Planet. Science and Implementation Plan of the Earth System Governance Project. Earth System Governance Report 1, IHDP Report 20. Bonn, IHDP: The Earth System Governance Project.

Related and/or prerequisite courses

international relations



Comments from lecturer


譛ャ隰帷セゥ縺ッ縲√檎、セ莨夂噪繧オ繝シ繝薙せ萓。蛟、縺ョ繝繧カ繧、繝ウ繝サ繧、繝弱吶シ繧ソ繝シ閧イ謌舌励Ο繧ー繝ゥ繝迚ケ蛻・謨呵ご遐皮ゥカ繧ウ繝シ繧ケシ医さ繝シ繧ケ髟キシ壽惠蠍区ュ荳謨呎肢縲√さ繝シ繧ケWeb繧オ繧、繝茨シ喇ttp://シ峨阪√悟粋諢丞ス「謌仙ュヲ迚ケ蛻・謨呵ご遐皮ゥカ繧ウ繝シ繧ケシ医さ繝シ繧ケ髟キシ夂謙蜴溷▼蠑伜謨呎肢縲√さ繝シ繧ケWeb繧オ繧、繝茨シ喇ttp://シ峨阪√♀繧医ウ縲√靴OE繧ィ繝シ繧ク繧ァ繝ウ繝医吶シ繧ケ遉セ莨壹す繧ケ繝繝遘大ュヲ縺ョ蜑オ蜃コ繝サ萓。蛟、蜑オ騾遉セ莨壹す繧ケ繝繝遘大ュヲ迚ケ蛻・謨呵ご遐皮ゥカ繧ウ繝シ繧ケシ医さ繝シ繧ケ髟キシ壼コ蜿」蠑俶蕗謗医√さ繝シ繧ケWeb繧オ繧、繝茨シ喇ttp://シ峨阪ョ繧ウ繝シ繧ケ謖螳夂ァ醍岼縺ァ縺ゅk縲よ悽隰帷セゥ繧貞ア・菫ョ縺吶k蝣エ蜷医√%繧後i3縺、縺ョ繧ウ繝シ繧ケ縺ョ縺縺壹l縺九r螻・菫ョ縺吶k縺薙→縺梧悍縺セ縺励>縲ゅ%繧後i縺ョ繧ウ繝シ繧ケ縺ョ螻・菫ョ譁ケ豕輔d菫ョ莠隱榊ョ壽婿豕輔↑縺ゥ隧ウ邏ー縺ォ縺、縺縺ヲ縺ッ縲∝推繧ウ繝シ繧ケWeb繧オ繧、繝医r蜿らァ縺ョ縺薙→縲ゅ&繧峨↓荳肴弱↑轤ケ縺後≠繧句エ蜷医ッ縲… 螳帙↓蝠上>蜷医o縺帙k縺薙→縲


蝗ス髫帛、ァ蟄ヲ髯「繧ウ繝シ繧ケ蟇セ蠢懃ァ醍岼縲シ上The International Graduate Program students are admitted to this class.

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