Effective Presentations in English

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Omura Azusa 
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Fall Semester

Outline of lecture

This course offers an effective way of giving presentations in English with visual aids. Students are required to attend all classes and give two presentations in English. All texts are read, and discussion and presentations are conducted in English.

Purpose of lecture

The chief objective of the course is to improve students窶 skills in presenting their research in academic conferences and classes in English. By gaining a basic knowledge of academic presentations in English, students will be able to compose effective presentations with visual aids. And through the two required presentations, students will study how to respond to questions from audiences and capture the audiences窶 attention with visual information.
This course will encourage students to present their research in English in an effective way.

Plan of lecture

2012 October 3 Class 1 General Introduction to the Course
2012 October 12 Class 2 Preparation for Presentations
2012 October 19 Class 3 Introduction to Presentations
2012 October 26 Class 4 Body of Presentations
2012 November 2 Class 5 Conclusion of Presentations
2012 November 9 Class 6 Languages for Presentations
2012 November 16 Class 7 Students窶 Presentations
2012 November 21 Class 8 Students窶 Presentations (on Wednesday)
2012 November 30 Class 9 How to Use Visual Aids 1
2012 December 7 Class 10 How to Use Visual Aids 2
2012 December 14 Class 11 Delivering Presentations 1
2012 December 21 Class 12 Delivering Presentations 2
2013 January 11 Class 13 Students窶 Presentations
2013 January 25 Class 14 Students窶 Presentations
2013 February 1 Class 15 Summary

Textbook and reference


Related and/or prerequisite courses



The course evaluation is based on attendance, participation in discussion and two presentations. Students are required to give two presentations on their own research.

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