International Seminar on Decision Science and Technology

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Fall Semester

Outline of lecture

Effective Presentations in English with Power Point

This is a student-centered class conducted entirely in English for developing effective presentation skills in English using Power Point.
The class consists of 15 sessions. By the end of the course students will be able to give effective presentations using Power Point.

Purpose of lecture

The purpose of the course is for students to learn to make effective presentations in English using Power Point. Students will learn the following skills for making effective presentations: presenting background information, preparing and giving the introduction, signposting the organization of a presentation, changing written language to spoken language, designing and using good Power Point aids, using body language to communicate message clearly and persuasively, and ending a presentation.

Plan of lecture

1: Course Introduction. Unit 1: What is the Point: Presenting Background Information
2: Unit 1: Presentation Practice with Power Point
3: Unit 2: Making a Start: Preparing and Giving the Introduction
4: Unit 2: Presentation Practice with Power Point
5: Unit 3: Linking the Parts: Signposting the Organization of a Presentation
6: Unit 3: Presentation Practice with Power Point
7: Unit 4: The Right Kind of Language: Changing Written Language to Spoken Language
8: Unit 4: Presentation Practice with Power Point
9: Unit 5: Visual Aids: Designing and Using Good Visual Aids
10: Unit 5: Presentation Practice with Power Point
11: Unit 6: Body Language: Using Body Language to Communicate Your Message Clearly and Persuasively
12: Unit 6: Presentation Practice
13: Unit 7: Finishing Off: Ending a Presentation
14: Unit 7: Presentation Practice with Power Point

Textbook and reference

Required Books:
Comfort, Jeremy. Effective Presentations, Student窶冱 Book. Oxford, England: Oxford University Press, 1997.

Supplementary Material:
Comfort, Jeremy. Effective Presentations, DVD. Oxford, England: Oxford University Press, 1997.


Student grades will be based upon the regular letter grade system as described below:
AA= Excellent- 90-100%
A= Very Good- 80-89%
B= Good- 70-79%
C= Average- 60-69%
XX= Failing based upon coursework grade.
X= Failing based upon not attending 2/3 of class sessions (Fourth absence is automatic failure)

Grades are based upon the following:
1) In-Class Participation and Attendance: 50%
2) Final Exam: 50%
Total for Semester: 100%

Comments from lecturer

The contents of the course may change depending on students窶 abilities and needs. The class will be mostly given in English. Students are expected to actively participate in class activities. A number of assignments will be given in this seminar.


*The student must participate in all class sessions unless otherwise excused. The student must complete all assignments, attend regularly, take notes, and work with others in a congenial manner.

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