International Seminar on Decision Science and Technology

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Kato Daniela 
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Fall Semester

Outline of lecture


Purpose of lecture

The goal of this seminar is to develop the students' communications skills in English for further academic studies and real-world applications. The focus will be on academic English as well as on the critical analysis and discussion of current issues in society, in higher education and research. Possible topics may include: the Environment, Globalisation, Cross-Cultural Communication, Law and Order, Ethics, Science and Religion, Science and the Humanities, and Gender Roles.
The seminar aims to develop the four main skills - speaking, writing, listening and reading - and to foster independent learning beyond the classroom.
By the end of the course, students should be able to:

繝サparticipate actively in pairwork and groupwork while demonstrating critical thinking in discussing current issues;
繝サdemonstrate listening fluency and note-taking skills for a range of academic content, namely lectures and conference presentations;
繝サdemonstrate reading skills through a variety of intensive reading tasks;
繝サdemonstrate writing skills in the preparation of various forms and styles of academic writing such as essays and abstracts;
繝サdemonstrate writing skills in the preparation of non-academic texts such as formal letters and CVs;
繝サdemonstrate presentation skills while presenting assignments in class.

Plan of lecture

1 (10/3) Introduction to the course: syllabus, evaluation and needs analysis. Getting started: reading and discussion.
2 (10/10) Listening and note-taking
3 (10/17) Discussion strategies
4 (10/31) Academic writing
5 (11/7) Academic writing
6 (11/14) Listening and note-taking
7 (11/21) Academic Writing
8 (11/28) Academic Writing
9 (12/5) Reading, vocabulary and discussion
10 (12/12) Academic writing and presentation skills
11 (12/19) Presentation skills
12 (1/9) Reading, vocabulary and discussion
13 (1/23) Students' presentations and discussion
14 (1/30) Students' presentations and discussion

Textbook and reference

Information on textbooks and bibliography will be provided in class.


Participation and class work: 30%
Homework exercises: 20%
Written assignment: 25%
Presentation: 25%

Comments from lecturer

Students will be expected to arrive on time and to attend regularly. They will also be expected to participate actively in the course and to express themselves in English. This is an English-only course and students should thus take every opportunity to practice real communication in class.
The teacher will set a number of assignments throughout the course. Students will make a presentation based on research in their field of interest at the end of the course.

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