Molecular Recognition of Biomolecules

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Seio Kohji  Yuasa Hideya  Ohkubo Akihiro 
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Fall Semester

Outline of lecture

The living cells contain a large number of molecules such as proteins, DNAs, RNAs, lipids, sugars, and small molecules. They interact in surprisingly precise and specific manners to realize complex cell functions.
In this lecture we would like to introduce the examples and mechanisms of molecuare reoginition of biomolecues such as DNAs, RNAs, proteins and small molecules.
The classes will be conducted by three teachers, Seio, Yuasa, and Ohkubo,in English.

Purpose of lecture

The purepose of the lecture is to understand biomolecular recognitions on the basis of the principles of organic chemistry and physical chemsitry.

Plan of lecture

In total 15 classes will be prepared.
class 1 to 5 Assoc. Prof. Kohji Seio
class 6 to 10 Prof. Hideya Yuasa
class 10 to 15 Assoc. Prof. Akihiro Ohkubo

Textbook and reference

The handouts will be distributed if necessary.

Related and/or prerequisite courses

No stipulation is dified, but basics of organic chemitry, physical chemistry and biochemistry may be helpful.


An assignment will be given by each teacher.

Comments from lecturer

The modern life science is becoming more and more "multidisciplinary science". So, this lecture is useful not only for the students in chemistry laboratory but also for the students in biology laboratory.

Contact Information

Kohji Seio (kseioツシ
Hideya Yuasa (hyuasaツシ
Akihiro Ohkubo (aohkuboツシ

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