Advanced Biochemistry

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Kondoh Shinae  Tagawa Yoh-Ichi  Suzuki Takashi 
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Fall Semester

Outline of lecture

In this lecture series, three lecturers will talk about the following topics.
1) Gene technology by Takashi Suzuki: we will introduce state-of-art genetic tools that have been generated in the model systems such as fruit fly, and explain how these techniques expanded into other animals or cells.
2) Cell biotechnology by Shinae Kondoh: we will introduce the fundamental regulations essential for maintaining a body such as those in proliferation, differentiation and cell death, and explain how these regulations have been studied through analysis of cancer cells, which that are out of these regulation.
3) Developmental Biotechnology by Youichi Tagawa: we will show the technology how to produce transgenic/gene-knockout mice and potential utilities using these gene-manipulated mice as physiological function analysis and disease model. Also, ES cells, Clone Animal, iPS cells will be explained.

Purpose of lecture

Because of the explosion in recombinant DNA technology, we have deepened our understanding towards life science, and have begun to apply it to agriculture and medication.

Plan of lecture

Instructors give basic information about each topic.
Students will read papers related to each topic in advance and then discuss them in the class.
Please refer to the schedule of the lectures about the topics.

Textbook and reference

Paper lists will be provided in the class.

Related and/or prerequisite courses

Basic biology knowledge is required.


Each student is evaluated by his/her attendance and presentation.

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