Advanced Molecular Biology

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Kajiwara Susumu  Ishikawa Toshihisa  TOKUNAGA Makio 
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Fall Semester

Outline of lecture


This course will feature the molecular biological aspects of a variety of biological phenomena, such as embryogenesis, cell proliferation, cell differentiation, signal transduction, transcriptional regulation, cell response, etc. In addition, future aspects of gene technology, genetic diagnosis, and therapy will be presented. This course will be made in English.

Purpose of lecture

The lecture series consists of three academic/research fields which will be presented by the above-mentioned three professors of the Graduate Course of Bioscience and Biotechnology. Each of the fields contains recent hot topics: i.e., Modern Molecular Genomics, Molecular Imaging Technology, and Essential Molecular Biology of Microoganisms.The lecture will be provided in English (no Japanese!) and open to all students belonging to both the International Graduate Course and the regular Graduate Course.

Plan of lecture

(1) Introduction to Advanced Molecular Biology and Explanation of the Course.
I. Modern Molecular Genomics (Prof. T. Ishikawa)
(2) Genetic Diversity of ABC Transporters: From Bacteria to Human.
(3) Human ABC Transporters: Structure and Function.
(4) Pharmacogeomics and Clinical Applications.
(5) Personalized Medicine in Cancer Chemotherapy.

II. Molecular Imaging Technology (Prof. Makio Tokunaga)
(6) Introduction to Molecular Imaging and Microscopy.
(7) Fluorescence Microscopy and Fluorescent Probes.
(8) Molecular Imaging.
(9) Topics on Molecular Imaging.

III. Essential Molecular Biology of Microoganisms (Associate Prof. S. Kajiwara)
(10) Introduction to Microorganisms and Microbiology.
(11) Basic Understanding of Microbe Physiology.
(12) Gene Expression of Microorganisms.
(13) Introduction to Pathogenic Fungi.

(14)Summary of Advanced Molecular Biology and Future Perspectives


Attendance and reports

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